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MvG: I would have been a tiler

17 Oct | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
MvG: I would have been a tiler

World Darts Champion Michael van Gerwen answers your questions via Twitter...

We put forward an opportunity to our Twitter followers to ask Michael van Gerwen anything that they were curious about in the world of darts.

All you had to do was tweet your question @Betway with the hashtag #AskMvG

Here are some of the questions our followers had to ask MvG:


@Dazzer1981: What’s your favourite practice routine?
MvG: There is no better practice than playing in big matches.

@derry_girl: Did changing your walk on music to Seven Nation Army impact on your match performance & if so how?
MvG: I don’t think it helped really as I had started playing very well before I changed it.

‏@CWB_KUnit: Do you or other professionals use a brand new set of darts for every match?
MvG: I don’t, some do. I prefer to use the same set.

‏@CWB_KUnit: How old were you when you first threw a dart?
MvG: Can’t remember but very young. Less than 10 maybe.

‏@garclem2009: Do you still think about missing out on those back to back 9 darters?
MvG: Not in a bad way. I think I achieved something special by hitting one and almost hitting another but winning a difficult semi-final was the most important thing.

@ollie1889: What was your favourite darts match of all time?
MvG: Easy. Winning the World Championship.

‏@garclem2009: Why did you decide to play darts if it wasn’t darts then what?
MvG: I always wanted to play darts. If I wasn’t successful I would have been a tiler now.

@HvL180: How many world championships do you think you will win in your career?
MvG: That is difficult to say and I don’t have a target but I am working hard to win the next one.

@dylan_murphyy16: How is it playing against someone with the mentality of Phil Taylor?
MvG: Very difficult as he is a winner and has been at the top for so long. Nothing phases him but I try to concentrate on my game and no worry about who I am playing.

‏@KayG63: Who do you most admire within darts and why?
MvG: Phil Taylor for what he has achieved. It is unbelievable.