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James Wade: Premier League like my first day back at school

10 Feb | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
James Wade: Premier League like my first day back at school

Betway's Alan Alger catches up with James 'the Machine' Wade.

AA: You’re back with us in the Premier League this year, a welcome return. Raring to go?

JW: Yeah. Nervous but raring to go. It’s going to be like that first day back at school feeling. But yeah, excited and nervous.

AA: In 6 previous Premier League years you’ve in the Top 4 five times, including one win and two runner-up places. Why does this format seem to suit your style of play so much?

JW: Yes, i think you’re right. It does [seem to suit my style]. James Wade’s very lazy, sometimes. Sometimes I just don’t want to be there, you know? I can try as hard as I can, in fact harder than anyone, but if I just don’t want to be there, it don’t happen. [The Betway Premier League] is such a long format that I can get away with the odd poor performance. It does me good because it’s over a longer period.

AA: So over 16 weeks, you know you’re going to hit form for at least a few weeks?

JW: Yeah, I should have a few good appearances! It’s not an excuse for poor performance but it’s just sometimes you want to be there and sometimes you don’t. But I’m raring to go this time.

AA: So, to your Betway Premier League tour-mates. Which other player would you rely on to throw a dart to save your life?

JW: I think any of them, pretty much. Let’s see… well it wouldn’t be Michael [van Gerwen], wouldn’t be Adrian [Lewis]… The reason I wouldn’t pick either of those is that sometimes they’re brilliant and other times they’re average, you know? Well, more brilliant than average, but they can have a bad game. It’s a tough decision as there’s no one who is super reliable at finishing a game at the right time. Except for me! [laughs].

AA: So we go all around the UK and Ireland in the competition. Is there any particular venue you’d like to see added? (Apart from Aldershot!)

JW: Hmmm. The problem is anywhere that’s nice, you wouldn’t want to be playing darts would you?! But I suppose Dubai wouldn’t be bad.

AA: Let’s get that added next year. We’d all be up for that!

JW: Or Hawaii maybe.

AA: Which slot on the bill do you prefer; early or late?

JW: Don’t mind.

AA: Don’t mind at all?

JW: Well sometimes it’s good to play the first game, because you know what time you’re on. You can go on, get it done and then have a meal afterwards. Then go to bed.

AA: You were the missing player last year that everyone wanted there. Which player this time round are you thinking: ‘He’s been unlucky there.’?

JW: I think Robert Thornton should have been in it. I don’t think there’s anyone that has a good arguement as to why he’s not.

AA: In football, we see Premier League teams setting a target against relegation. What’s your target to avoid Judgement Night in Manchester?

JW: Win! [laughs]. Don’t be lazy. Try and want to be there, every time.

AA: And, talking of football, Chelsea or Man City for the ‘other’ Premier League title?

JW: Don’t like football. Haven’t a clue what you’re talking about! I know two football teams, that’s about it. Sorry. Pathetic!

AA: At Betway, we’re the proud sponsors of the Champion Chase at Cheltenham. Are you a Sire de Grugy or Sprinter Sacre man.

JW: Sprinter.