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Anderson: If you want to play darts, don’t take up football

17 Oct | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Anderson: If you want to play darts, don’t take up football

This week Gary Anderson answered ALL of the best questions from fans on Twitter...

@AdamStevenson99: Hi Gaz. Did you have lots of natural talent as soon as you picked up darts or is it just practice?

GA: I’ve seemed to have a natural talent at the game, but I still need to practice.


@TheReal_EvanG: If you could go back to any moment in your career and relive it what would it be? Beating Phil Taylor in the 2007 World Darts Trophy.

GA: Phil was unbeatable then and in the prime of his career.


@jackie_dale: Do the crowd help or hinder you ?

GA: Bit of both.  At first it was hard to get use to them, but now the crowd give me loads of support which helps.


@Karta85: Hi Gary, who was your favourite player when you first got interested in darts?

GA: Shayne Burgess.


@mrdrakopoulos: Would you consider visiting Athens for the @TopDartsLeague National Final next December?

GA: I would love to, but I’ll be busy with the World Championships.


@johnnybhoy83: Who’s the most under rated player on the circuit?

GA: They are all good players – nobody is underrated.


@Junebug340: How old were you when you got your first set of darts?

GA: I got into the game late at the age of 23.


@steviemo1: Think you will do the double Glasgow Thursday and Stirling Masters Friday?

GA: Hopefully fingers crossed. I’m feeling confident.


@JamieMcGovern91: Who inspired you to pick up a dart?

GA: Nobody, darts was a cheap sport to get into and I found that I had a natural talent at it.


@ChezHx: What advice would you give someone wanting to be a darts player?

GA: Don’t take up football, No seriously, practice, practice, practice.


‏@craigreddevils: How do it feel to walk out in front of your home town crowd?

GA: It’s the most nervous thing you’ll ever do as you don’t want to let your home crowd down.


@__Humbug: Do you still believe you can win the world championships?

GA: The last 2 years no, but now yes. You have to believe in your own ability and I know I’ve got the darts to win the World Championships


@Mac_Viking: What is the most memorable win in your career & why?

GA: Beating Phil Taylor in the World Darts Trophy in 2007. Phil was beating everybody back then so that was a huge achievement.