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A Premier (League) Proposal: Footie Inspired Engagement Rings

03 Nov | news | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
A Premier (League) Proposal: Footie Inspired Engagement Rings

Betway has used AI and teamed up with expert jeweller to design engagement rings inspired by each of the 20 teams in the Premier League.

Football is by far the most popular sport in the UK, with a recent survey from YouGov revealing that 25.6 million Brits follow the beautiful game, whether they’re die hard fans or more casual viewers. 

With the Premier League well underway for another season, football is very much firmly in the hearts of many. But, did you know it’s actually possible to combine your love of the game with your love for a partner? 

For those looking to do just this, Premier League betting site Betway have used AI to design an engagement ring inspired by each of the 20 Premier League teams and partnered with jeweller Edward Fleming to reveal the materials, stones and styles of each in order to create each bespoke ring on request. 

Fleming has also valued each ring to determine which team’s are the most expensive and affordable to produce so fans can work out how much they can expect to spend for this declaration of love.

The most expensive Premier League-inspired engagement rings


Jewels: Green diamond (1.5ct) and rubies and classic diamonds

Metal: 18 carat rose gold

Estimated value: £70,000

Coming in at a staggering £70,000, a Liverpool F.C. inspired engagement ring is the most expensive of all teams, Fleming states that this engagement ring consists of bright red rubies as the best choice of stone for an engagement ring for this iconic team. The design has also taken inspiration from the team’s crest, incorporating the green elements of the logo with an impressive central green diamond. 

According to Fleming, “green diamonds go for top whack”, which is why the estimated value of this ring is a very pricy £70,000, making it the most expensive on the list if fans wish to have this custom made for their partner.

Manchester United

Jewels: Ruby and diamond

Metal: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £30,000

Significantly cheaper than Liverpool but still a very pricey £30,000, Manchester United has the second most expensive engagement ring. The team is often dubbed ‘The Red Devils,’ and this nickname has been an inspiration for the engagement ring design, with the deep-red rubies and gothic-like features that set its design apart from the rest.

West Ham

Jewels: Paraiba Tourmaline, ruby and diamond

Metal: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £10,000

The third most expensive ring is West Ham, with this piece of jewellery incorporating its famous team colours of claret and blue. Edward suggests that when creating this design in real life, fans can expect to use a Paraiba Tourmaline as the large central blue jewel. With this jewel known for being very expensive, Fleming prices this ring at £10,000, also factoring in the rubies and diamonds that also feature.

The ring also includes circular gems, as a gentle nod to the team’s anthem ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.’ 


Jewels: White diamonds, black diamonds and cabochons

Metals: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £10,000

Given the team play in black and white, and are fittingly known as ‘The Black and White Army,’ the Fulham-inspired ring incorporates these colours into its design.

For fans looking to have this ring created, Fleming advises on incorporating a white diamond centre and striking diamonds around the edge, as well as black cabochons along both the band and central design.


Jewels: Black diamond, enamel and white diamonds

Metal: 18 carat yellow gold

Estimated value: £7,000

As with Fulham, Newcastle’s home kit is black and white striped, and the ring’s band leans heavily into this for inspiration. In order to have this ring created, Fleming suggests a black diamond centre with white diamonds across the gold band. The club’s crest incorporates the colour gold which is what makes it distinct from Fulham’s bespoke ring. 

Fleming also comments further on the design and workmanship to have this specific ring produced:  “With enamel and lots of pave set diamonds, there’s a lot of work and specialist processes that go into this ring, so a lot of its value is in the workmanship rather than the materials. However, enamel is brittle and not really suitable for engagement rings. The enamel will likely need to be replaced, at great cost, multiple times during the ring’s lifetime.”


Jewels: Red spinel, diamond accents

Metal: 18 carat rose gold

Estimated value: £6,000

Since they’re known as ‘The Bees,’ Brentford’s engagement ring includes the humble insect in their designs for those that are looking to make a less subtle statement of love for their team when proposing. The gold in the band reflects the yellow of the bee, while the red spinel and white diamonds pay tribute to the red and white stripes of the team’s home kit. 


Jewels: Blue Sapphire or Tanzanite and white diamonds

Metal: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £5,500

Everton’s ring design is a nod to the club’s nickname, ‘The Blues’, with royal blue encrusted jewels. The silver base is also representative of the white in the club’s badge with Fleming estimating the value of this to be £5,500.

Crystal Palace

Jewels: Small diamonds, light and dark blue sapphire

Metal: 18 carat yellow gold

Estimated value: £5,000

When it comes to making a statement, Crystal Palace’s engagement ring does not disappoint with a lavish gold band and dramatic design to be admired. Reflecting their home kit with red and blue stripes, Fleming suggests that to produce this ring, fans would need to look to incorporate light and dark blue sapphires, as well as small white diamonds to support the splendour of the design.


Jewels: Blue topaz, diamonds, garnets

Metal: 18 carat yellow gold

Estimated value: £5,000

Similar to Aston Villa, Burnley also play in claret and blue. Their engagement ring pays homage to the club colours, with the deep-set red jewels and the blue in the middle. The white diamonds dotted throughout also represent the white shorts of the kit. Fleming suggests using blue topaz and garnets when creating the ultimate Burnley inspired engagement ring in real life, setting you back £5,000.

According to expert Edward, the ring is an “unglamorous design, but quite flashy”, so it’s certainly an eye-catching tribute. 


Jewels: Orange/yellow sapphire and white diamonds

Metal: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £4,500

One of the brightest kits in the Premier League, the Wolverhampton Wanderers play in an orange strip, complete with a black wolf on the badge. With this in mind, the engagement ring features an orange-yellow jewel and black stripes around the edge, which Fleming advises would be best created with an orange or yellow sapphire, surrounded by white diamonds on a silver band. 

Nottingham Forest

Jewels: Ruby and diamond

Metal: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £4,000

When the City Ground is rocking, shouts of ‘You Reds’ can be heard for miles. It’s no surprise then that the engagement ring features red jewels both in the centre and around the band, a reference to the Garibaldi Red that the team plays in. 

What makes this engagement ring unique to Nottingham Forest fans is its ring design, which pays homage to the club’s tree-themed badge, with leaves and branches snaking their way around the band. 

Fleming advises that rubies and diamonds on a silver band would be best to create this bespoke ring in real life for your partner. 


Jewels: Rhodolite garnet and diamonds

Metal: 18 carat rose gold

Estimated value: £4,000

Given that Bournemouth are often dubbed ‘The Cherries,’ it makes sense that the engagement ring is heavily inspired by their fruit-themed nickname. 

Commenting on the ring, Fleming says, “So much of the value of this ring depends on that central ruby. Large, top quality rubies fetch top whack, so it could be a really pricey ring with this specific design above making a statement with its main ruby in the centre.” Something for fans to consider before seeing this ring built in real life is the intricacies of the ring, with Fleming stating that “the design is really fun but not very practical. Those sharp leaves and cherries will catch on everything!” 

Aston Villa

Jewels: Blue Topaz, orange/red sapphire, white diamonds and yellow diamonds

Metal: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £3,000

Aston Villa is one of the oldest clubs in England, and has been wearing claret and blue since 1886. The engagement ring design very much incorporates these colours, and the addition of gold elements reflects the lion on the team crest. According to jewellery evaluator Edward Fleming, “red and blue isn’t a popular colour combination in jewellery”, but it certainly makes for a striking tribute to a legendary football team. 


Jewels: Electric blue sapphire

Metal: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £3,000

Brighton are nicknamed ‘The Seagulls,’ in reference to the city’s location on the coast. The engagement ring includes a wave-inspired design, and the blue gems and silver band reflect the blue and white stripes that the team play in. 

Edward Fleming describes the ring as “a little bit dated, something you would see in the 90s or early 2000s” — which, if you enjoy a bit of nostalgia, could make it the perfect choice for a loved one who also is a huge fan of this specific football team.

Sheffield United

Jewels: Ruby and white diamonds

Metal: Stainless steel 

Estimated value: £3,000

With Sheffield United’s crest featuring red, white, and black, the engagement ring’s band has incorporated these colours. For this to be designed, Fleming recommends using a red ruby at its centre, with black embellishment around the sides and individual-set diamonds.

Jewellery expert Edward Fleming suggests that the metal used for this ring would be stainless steel — which is appropriate for Sheffield, given its reputation for steel-making. 


Jewels: Ruby and diamonds

Metal: 18 carat yellow gold

Estimated value: £2,000

One of the most famous football teams in the world to play in red, it’s no surprise that the Arsenal-inspired engagement ring features deep-red gems which Fleming suggests to use rubies. It also includes diamonds to match the white shorts of the kit, and the shield shape of the club’s logo is positioned subtly in the middle of the ring. 

Luton Town

Jewels: Diamond and orange sapphire

Metal: 18 carat white gold

Estimated value: £2,000

Luton’s home kit is a distinctive orange, with a navy and white stripe down the front. The ring very much takes inspiration from these colours, featuring a dark blue diamond and small orange jewels, which Edward suggests as orange sapphires. This ring comes in significantly cheaper than other team engagement rings at £2,000, over 35 times cheaper than Liverpool’s ring.

Manchester City

Jewels: Aquamarine

Metal: 9 carat white gold

Estimated value: £1,000

The only team in the Premier League to wear sky blue, Manchester City’s ring focuses on the iconic colour, with light blue jewels set into a silver band. For those on a budget, an aquamarine stone may be a strong choice, however purchasers need to be aware this isn’t a typical stone used for an engagement as it is soft. Alternatively, for those with a sizable budget, fans could source a blue diamond, which would make this ring dramatically more expensive at around £100,000! 

The centre of the engagement ring also features a subtle nod to the Lancashire rose featured on City’s crest.


Jewels: Dark blue sapphires and white diamonds

Metal: 9 carat white gold

Estimated value: £600

Perhaps one of the most elegant designs, the Tottenham-inspired engagement ring represents the club’s logo, with the sleek shape a nod to the cockerel, and the dark blue representing the colour of the badge. The diamonds are also inspired by the white of the team’s home kit. 

Edward estimated the value of this ring at £600, commenting, “The lack of a large central stone really brings the value of this ring down,” making it a great ring for fans on a budget, For those looking for something more luxury, Fleming suggests that “a custom-cut diamond or sapphire would be a better option to increase the price here.”


Jewels: Sapphires and diamonds

Metal: 9 carat white gold

Estimated value: £500

Chelsea’s slogan is #KTBFFH, which stands for ‘keep the blue flag flying high.’ With this in mind, the engagement ring incorporates the royal blue colour that has become synonymous with the club. Chelsea’s badge also features English roses which inspired the flower design of the ring that makes it an attractive choice for fans looking to get down on one knee.

“The lack of a large central stone brings down the value of this ring, similarly to Tottenham’s engagement ring,” says Edward, who estimated the value of the ring at only £500. “The structure of the ring also looks like it’s been designed to save weight.”

So, with these designs proving that football really can be part of your declaration of love, will you be creating any of these rings in real life to make the ultimate proposal? 

Sources and Methodology

Betway Sport used AI to create the Premier League inspired engagement rings, each based on club colours or the main features of the team’s badge. 

Club nicknames were sourced from this list by Football Stadiums. 

The expert comment was provided by Edward Fleming at Edward Fleming jewellery