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What is the UKs luckiest number and why?

08 May | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
What is the UKs luckiest number and why?

We reveal the UK's luckiest numbers, as well as the myths and legends that have had a hand in creating our numerological superstitions.

In a recent survey conducted by Betway Casino, the nation’s luckiest numbers were revealed, providing insight into which numbers bring people in the UK the most good fortune in their lives.

The survey asked more than 2,000 members of the British public about their numerical superstitions, in order to find out the truth behind our lucky numbers and what exactly it is that draws us to them.

What makes a number lucky?

Belief in lucky numbers stems from two different places: superstitions and cultural beliefs.

Many of these superstitions are handed down from generation to generation.

Myths and legends surrounding certain numbers are often mentioned in childhood and carried into adulthood, with over 80 per cent of those with a lucky number admitting to carrying it with them for their whole life.

There is no hard evidence as to whether numbers really do bring us luck, but there’s no doubt that believing in lucky numbers can boost our confidence, and help us feel surer of our choices.

Even in games of chance like online roulette, opting for a lucky number can help us to feel more confident, despite it having no impact in influencing the outcome.

What is the UK’s luckiest number?

The survey revealed one clear winner when it came to the UK’s luckiest number, with 25% of the survey respondents claiming the number seven as their luckiest number.

Many of the numbers that came up most often in our survey are culturally known for their connotations with good fortune, including three, seven and 13 (unlucky for some).

Despite over 70 per cent of people telling us that they had experienced luck with their number in the past, the pattern in how well-known the most popular lucky numbers are suggest that this is more of nurture over nature decision.