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The cost of renting a sun lounger around the world

24 Jun | news | BY Betway Insider | MIN READ TIME |
The cost of renting a sun lounger around the world

Betway Casino reveals the most expensive beaches and beach clubs around the world for renting a sun lounger for summer 2024.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with rocking up to the beach with a towel and portable parasol, renting a sun lounger to ensure your spot on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches is a priority for many holidaymakers. But how much should we expect them to cost us?

Analysing the cost to rent a sun lounger at 131 popular beach clubs and 64 public beaches around the world, online casino Betway has revealed what you can expect to pay for a sun lounger rental in 2024, with the priciest location setting sun bathers back a whopping £296 per day.

The top 20 most expensive beach clubs for sun lounger rentals

Beach clubs can be found all over the world and will take your day of sun bathing to the next level. Featuring restaurants, bars and glorious views of the ocean, they are ideal for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of touristy areas.

However, renting a sun lounger at a beach club will come at a cost. Below, we’ve revealed where you can expect to pay the most at 20 of the world’s most popular and exclusive beach clubs.

The cost of a sun lounger rental for beach clubs includes the cost for one sun lounger or the entry cost of the beach club which includes the use of a sun lounger.

1. Arienzo Beach Club

Located on the stunning Amalfi Coast, you’ve probably seen Arienzo’s famous white and orange striped parasols on your Insta feed at some point. Renting a sun lounger here isn’t cheap however, with the cost of renting one sunbed setting tourists back a whopping £295.48 per day (350).

Whilst this beach is considered to be a hidden gem, only accessible by shuttle boat or a very long staircase, it’s a popular spot with avid sunbathers to the famous village of Positano.

2. La Scogliera

Another idyllic spot in Positano, La Scogliera comes in second place as the most expensive beach resort for renting a sun lounger. Here, sunbathers will need to fork out £211.05 (250) per day for renting one lounger.

Overlooking Li Galli Islands, La Scogliera offers incredible views of the ocean, as well as of the cliffside village of Positano itself. It’s known to be one of the most exclusive resorts on the Amalfi coast with a range of packages and upgrades available to make your experience even bougier.

3. Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas

Located in Southern California, Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas comes in third place where a sun lounger rental will cost £196.79 per day ($250).

Set on a dramatic coastline with incredible views of California’s beautiful rugged cliffs, the Alila Marea Beach Resort in the Californian city of Encinitas is the perfect spot for sunbathers who want to immerse themselves in nature.

4. One Fire

One Fire, also located on the Amalfi Coast, follows in fourth place. At this resort, sunbathers will need to be prepared to fork out £168.86 per day (€200).

Located in the idyllic town of Praiano, nestled between the towns of Amalfi and Positano, One Fire is a picture perfect beach resort offering sunbathers incredible views of sky blue waters twinkling in the sun. You can reach the cliffside beach by descending the 400 step staircase, or by taking a boat.

5. Yona Beach Club

Located on the Royal Phuket Marina in Thailand, Yona Beach Club is a unique floating beach club that can accommodate up to 500 sun seekers. The price tag of renting a sunbed here for one day amounts to £160.55 (฿7,500).

Located on the floating beach club is an 22 metre infinity pool, plenty of cabana beds as well as a sea view restaurant, making it a great spot for a taste of luxury amidst your travels.

Meanwhile, the most affordable beach club in the ranking is Xuma Beach Club and Dodo Beach Club in Turkey where sunbathers will only have to pay £1.20 per day (₺50) to use a sunlounger. Kuum Hotel & Spa (£2.40 or ₺100) is the second least expensive, also located in Turkey, whilst Paradise Beach Club in Thailand comes in third place where a sunlounger costs just £4.29 per day (฿200).

The most expensive beaches for sun lounger rentals

Whilst beach clubs are a great way to enjoy a taste of luxury, there are plenty of beautiful beaches around the world where renting a sun lounger won’t make as big a dent in your wallet.

With this in mind, we’ve also revealed the top beaches with the most expensive sun loungers around the world. It’s worth noting that the costs below are for two sun loungers and a parasol, whereas the costs above are for one sun lounger only, meaning your money will also go further at these locations.

1. Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is hugely popular amongst both locals and tourists to the West Coast, however relaxing here for a day is a little pricey with the cost of renting two sun loungers and a parasol being £62.97 per day ($80).

Set on the idyllic island of Coronado in San Diego, the beach has miles and miles of golden sand to relax upon whilst enjoying a view of bright blue waters. Since its establishment, Coronado Beach has also been a popular spot with celebrities on vacation, so you might even spot a famous face or two in between sunbathing sessions.

2. Siesta Beach

Located on the other side of the U.S, Siesta Beach in Florida comes in second place as the most expensive beach for sun lounger rentals. Visitors here will need to pay £47.23 ($60) for renting two sun loungers and a parasol per day.

Famous for its bright white sand, which is made up of 99% quartz from the Appalachian Mountains, it’s easy to see why sunbathers are expected to pay a higher price tag for a day of relaxing here.

3. Manhattan Beach

In third place is Manhattan Beach, back over on the California coast. Sunbathers here will fork out £42.50 ($54) per day for sunlounger rentals.

Known for being the birthplace of beach volleyball, and also being a great place to surf, Manhattan Beach is ideal for tourists looking to get a taste of the Californian lifestyle.

Meanwhile, in joint fourth place comes Eagle Beach in Aruba, Ka’anapali Beach in Maui and Paradise Cove in Malibu where renting two sunbeds and a parasol will cost you £39.36 ($50). Main Beach located in Byron Bay comes in fifth where sunbathers will need to pay £34.13 (AU$65).

The top three most affordable public beaches for renting a sunlounger can be found in Turkey – Icmeler Beach in Marmaris, Kleopatra Beach in Alanya and Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz where renting two sunbeds and a parasol will cost just 72p per day (₺30).

Are you jetting off anywhere sunny this summer? If so, will you be treating yourself to a sun lounger on any of these world famous beaches?

Sources and methodology

The list of beaches was collated from various lists of best beaches in the world, e.g. Tripadvisor’s ranking and best beaches lists for different countries, regions, and states. The cost of renting a set of beach chairs/loungers/sunbeds + a beach umbrella for the day was looked up using recent TripAdvisor reviews, travel blogs, and articles in the local media. The final list of beaches includes 65 beaches and spans 28 countries around the world.

The list of beach clubs was compiled from the lists of best beach clubs for a specific country or region. The cost of renting a sunbed for the day was pulled from the clubs’ official websites, travel blogs, local guides, and media articles. The cost was estimated as a per-person cost of a sunbed rental, i.e., in cases where sunbed rental was quoted based on its capacity for 2+ people, the total price was divided by the sunbed’s capacity. In clubs where the entrance fee included the use of a sunbed, the entrance fee was deemed as the cost of renting a sunbed. In cases where the sunbed price varied depending on quality or proximity to the beach, the midpoint price was taken. The final list of beach clubs includes 130 clubs across 10 countries.

All costs were taken in local currencies or USD and then converted to GBP (£) using GoogleFinance.

Data gathered in May-June 2024. Currency conversions correct as of 20/06/24.

Betway Insider

Betway Insider

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Betway Insider

Betway Insider

The Insider is an editorial blog for Betway, one of the best betting sites, featuring sporting insight, intelligent comment and informed betting tips for football betting and all other major sports.