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Who are football’s greatest dancers?

28 Apr | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Who are football’s greatest dancers?

We rank the best dances we have seen footballers pull off. Visit Betway's Instagram page on Wednesday to vote for your favourite.

8. Dele Alli’s floss

The floss is all about co-ordination and, unfortunately, Alli doesn’t seem to have much here.

His flailing elbows are out of time and he also loses a few points for style because it’s impossible for anyone to look cool while flossing.

As a result, it’s hard to put him any higher than eighth in this list.

7. Emmanuel Eboue’s jig

I challenge anyone not to smile after watching Eboue’s celebratory jig here.

OK, so the bent over backwards shuffle is unlikely to be seen on Strictly Come Dancing any time soon and the goal itself had little bearing on the overall outcome of the game – it was the third in a 4-0 win over Blackburn in 2008.

But it’s big on originality and look how happy he is. Good, wholesome content.

6. Antoine Griezmann’s Take The L

This is another dance from Fortnite that looks like it has been taken straight out of a primary school disco.

But stylish or not, Griezmann nails the execution.

Credit where it’s due, the Frenchman pulled this out after equalising for Atletico Madrid in a 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu. Fair play.

5. Todd Cantwell surfing

If the game of charades has taught us anything, it’s that people tend to look ridiculous when they are miming an activity.

But not Cantwell.

Not only does the Norwich midfielder manage to keep his cool after putting his side 2-0 up against Manchester City, but he oozes style while pretending to surf and throwing in a few knee wobbles for good measure.

Get that man a wetsuit.

4. Michail Antonio’s Tottenham thrust

From busting it out in the club to thrusting it out on the pitch.

Antonio has long been regarded as the king of the celebration and this dance is good enough to get him into the top half of this list.

The West Ham winger celebrated the first goal by an opposition player at Tottenham’s new stadium with some powerful pelvic action.

He admitted after the game that he’d tried it out a few times in nightclubs before debuting it in a game. Clearly, practice makes perfect.

3. Peter Crouch’s robot

He’s got good rhythm for a big man.

Show me another 6ft 7in man celebrating goals by doing the robot. You can’t, and that’s why Crouch gets a lot of credit for originality here.

The only thing letting him down is his inability to reproduce on the bigger stage. We only saw the dance in World Cup warm-up friendlies against Hungary and Jamaica. An outing at the 2006 World Cup would have surely seen him go higher.

2. Alan Pardew’s touchline dance

Everything about this is outrageous, and you have got to respect it.

Firstly, having the bottle as a manager to dance in the technical area at Wembley as if it was the dancefloor in Pryzm.

Secondly, the brazenness of it given that Jason Puncheon’s goal came with 12 minutes still to play in the FA Cup final.

Finally, the fact that his arm waving and shimmies look so natural that they could have been (read: definitely were) rehearsed.

We salute you, Pards.

1. Jesse Lingard’s Milly Rock

There’s putting sauce on a celebration and then there’s this.

After scoring Manchester United’s second against Arsenal within 11 minutes at the Emirates Stadium in 2017, Lingard became the coolest man in football thanks to his impressive rhythm.

The winger’s take on the Milly Rock – a dance created by rapper 2 Milly in 2011 – was executed with poise and swagger in equal measure.

It’s a 10 from me.

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