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The Most Popular Pies in the UK and the US

16 Jan | news | BY Betway Insider | MIN READ TIME |
The Most Popular Pies in the UK and the US

Ever wondered which pies are the most popular across both the UK and America? We’ve delved into the data to reveal the favorite fillings in each country.

Ever wondered which pies are the most popular in the UK and the US? Well, to celebrate national pie day on January 23rd, online casino Betway pulled together a list of the most loved pies in these countries – from savory pork to sweet apple pies, there’s a wide range of cherished favorites. Will your number one pie make the list? 

The most popular pies in the UK

Using trends tool ‘Brandwatch’, we’ve been able to determine which pies and fillings are the UK’s most popular, including the rate of digital search volumes per million Brits. 

First up, we have the classic pork pie. Well known and loved across the UK, pork pies are a popular choice for many. They are particularly loved in Leicester, with an astonishing 812.26 online mentions per million locals, compared to the national average of 418.91.  

Following, the humble pasty takes second place. With many variations, including Cornish, steak, and vegetable, it’s not shocking that they’re the UK’s second most popular pie. Meanwhile, a mealtime staple for many families and a comforting hearty dish, it’s also little surprise that shepherd’s pie ranks third on our list of the UK’s most popular pies. 

Next up is the traditional pot pie, a deep filled pie which is usually packed with meat and different variations of vegetables. By city, the pie is most popular in Birmingham, with 52.08 mentions per million in the region – in comparison to the wider average of 25.54. 

Halfway down our list is the simple meat and potato pie. Straightforward and easy to prepare, Brits seem to love the convenience of this particular dish – and with 49.97 mentions per million, Liverpool takes the crown for being the biggest meat and potato fan. Following, the traditionally Irish steak and ale pie is well-loved by many in the UK, and has become common in homes, pubs, and restaurants. 

In seventh place is ‘cheese and onion pie’, which is particularly popular in the city of Manchester, with 59.64 mentions per million. Perfect for lunch or dinner time, this pie is a longstanding UK favorite. In eighth, the first and last sweet pie on our list is the banoffee pie. A popular British dessert, this pie combines the classic flavors of banana and toffee to create a sugary, flavorful dessert. 

In the penultimate spot as the UK’s ninth favorite filling, we have a savory chicken and gravy pie. Well liked in Glasgow (2.59 mentions per million) and Nottingham (2.42 mentions per million), this pie is a cherished classic. Finally, rounding out our list, the chicken and bacon pie takes tenth, with an astonishing 0.89 mentions per million Brits. 

The most popular pies in the US

We’ve had a look at the UK’s most popular pies, but how about the top ten fillings in the US? Using Google Trends data, we’ve revealed the rate of searches for each pie per million Americans. 

Up first is the simple cream pie, which is usually filled with custard and finished with a distinctive whipped cream topping. Cream pies are particularly popular in Vermont, with 95 mentions per million, compared to the US average of 61. 

Common in fall and around Thanksgiving, pumpkin pies have always been a favorite in the US. The filling is flavored with seasonal spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. Its popularity never wavers, and it’s a longstanding staple in the states.  

Third on our list is a lemon meringue pie, which has gained popularity in the US in recent decades. Those who live in Alaska seem to especially love it, with 91 online mentions recorded per million locals.

The next sweet pie on the list is classic apple. Apple pies are largely popular in the American Midwest and New England, with Vermont taking top spot for this pie, with as many as 93 mentions per million – compared to the national median of 56. 

Cherry pies have a rich fruity filling and a recognizable lattice crust and are particularly popular throughout North America – for instance Wisconsin and Montana both have 98 mentions per million.  

Alongside pumpkin pies, pecan filling is also prominent around Thanksgiving, with this filling commonly served throughout the holidays. Pecan pies have sweet and savory notes, and they’re considered a specialty in southern states such as Arkansas (99 mentions per million). 

Originating from Florida, though enjoyed across the nation, key lime pies come in seventh place, followed closely by a peach cobbler – which is a popular choice throughout Alabama with 96 mentions. 

Our second-to-last pie is the sweet potato pie, which is another classic and simple southern recipe. Sweet potato pies are another holiday favorite, alongside pecan and pumpkin. 

Finally, stealing the final spot among America’s favorite pies is blueberry. Wild blueberries are native to Maine, so it’s really no surprise that it has 93 mentions per million here. In 2011, it was even declared Maine’s official state dessert.  

So, there we have it, the ten best-loved pies in the UK and US. And if you’re interested in reading more fun articles, dive into the Betway blog to feed your curiosity. 


To calculate the most popular pies across both regions, both Brandwatch and Google Trends were utilized to gather the data on some of the favorite pies for each region:

  • The social listening tool Brandwatch was utilized to gather the online mentions per million capita per which the UK’s most popular pies were ranked.
  • Google Trends was utilized to gather the average monthly Google Trends score per which America’s most popular pies were ranked.
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Betway Insider

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Betway Insider

Betway Insider

The Insider is an editorial blog for Betway, one of the best betting sites, featuring sporting insight, intelligent comment and informed betting tips for football betting and all other major sports.