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Roulette strategy 101: What is the Straight Up betting system?

21 Jun | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Roulette strategy 101: What is the Straight Up betting system?

Straight Up bets are high-risk moves in online roulette. Discover how you can you use a betting system to cover your options.

The Straight Up bet is the simplest wager you can make in online roulette. It’s an easy bet on a single number appearing, and pays out 35/1 if it comes in.

Straight Up numbers pay the highest prizes in roulette, but they are also the hardest to hit, and that’s not even taking house edge into consideration.

But with some careful planning, you can put your red and black bets to one side adopt some clever Straight Up betting strategies to improve your long-term outlook.

1 – Playing the big numbers

Every roulette table has a history. In fact, you can track the history of a wheel by studying the previous 10 or 20 numbers that have appeared.

The Big Number strategy takes advantage of hot and cold numbers. Effectively, you are placing bets on the hottest number on that table. If 36 Red has appeared three times in the last 20 spins, you put your bets on that number.

Yes, roulette is truly random, but streaks can and do occur at the table.

2 – The 11 Numbers system

The 11 Numbers plan has been popular on some of the online roulette forums. The system features a bet on 11 numbers depending on the last number spun.

You take the most recent number spun, then place a Straight Up bet on that number plus the five neighbouring numbers either side of it on the wheel.

For example, if 15 was the last number spun, you would bet on:


The idea of the 11 Numbers plan is to cover “hot” numbers and their neighbours. Of course, there are no biased wheels online and each spin is independent of the last.

But let’s look at the stats.

On every spin you are betting £11. You only need to hit one number to make 35/1, a £24 profit on a winning spin.

By covering so many options, the 11 Numbers plan is put in the same bracket as the Five Quads staking plan.

3 – The 2-bet unit plan

The 2-bet unit system first appeared on YouTube in 2016 and has been popular with roulette gamblers ever since.

The plan works in groups of 30 spins, where the stakes triple after each group if you are in a losing position. So, you would bet 30 spins at £1 to start off with, then 30 spins at £3 each, and finally 30 spins at £9 a spin.

The problem with any negative progression system is that losses can become huge before you hit a winner.

Try a Straight Up system for free at Betway Casino

Straight Up bets in online roulette offer the best returns of 35/1. But the chances of hitting a Straight Up number are low.

For action fans, Straight Up bets offer more interest and the biggest payouts. But employing some kind of cover strategy is a good option.

You don’t always have to cover every single number on the table, but try to mix up your bets. Cover a few Straight Up numbers, and combine them with a column (2/1) or even-money bet like red or black.

Sensible roulette play is all about covering your bets. Try a Straight Up system at Betway Casino.