There are hundreds of bets you can make in a game of online craps. But does sticking to two simple bets improve your overall game?

Progression systems can be used in many table games at the casino. You will find a full list in the Betway Casino. What about craps? Does this popular dice game lend itself to a clear staking plan?

Let's take a closer look at the 6/8 progression system and see how you can structure your bets for a healthier long-term outlook.

How the 6/8 craps system works

The 6/8 progression works by focusing on two wagers: betting the 6 and betting the 8. It's a negative progression plan where the stakes are raised if you lose.

There are several areas of the craps table where these bets can be made. The Place to Win bet on 6 or 8 pays 7/6 if the number is rolled before a 7. You can also bet on Place to Lose. This is a bet on the number not being rolled before a 7. Place to Lose on 6 or 8 pays 4/5.

So, why is the 6/8 a good plan? Despite the low payouts, the house edge of a 6 or 8 is the lowest of any Place bet in craps.

Playing the 6/8 staking plan at the craps table

Let's use a standard craps table, as you will find at Betway Casino.  

Here's how the plan works. You bet £10 each on Place to Win 6 and Place to Win 8 and both your bets lose. You increase your stakes to £15 each (£30 total), and you lose again. Your stakes go up again to £20 each number (£40 total), and one number comes in. Your stakes now drop down and you begin again.

Here's an example of how the 6/8 progression plan might work in practice.


Advantages and disadvantages of the 6/8 plan

The beauty of the 6/8 staking plan is that you are picking low house edge numbers. The 6 and 8 carry the lowest casino advantage of any Place bet. The edge is roughly 1.41 per cent in a standard game of craps.

However, like all negative progression plans, there is a risk that you can go long spells without a win. In our example above, the returns are just over half of what we staked, even with four wins out of 10.

Essentially, it's very hard to maintain a winning betting system in craps. The presence of the house edge means you will be losing more in the long term than you are winning. And the negative progression style of the 6/8 means you may have to have very deep pockets before you hit a streak.

Try the 6/8 system for free today at Betway Casino

There is no real foolproof system for craps and table games. Luckily, you can give most systems a try for free at Betway Casino. Give the craps tables a try and see if this conservative staking plan can help you in the long term.