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Bond film stats

24 Aug | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Bond film stats

New interactive infographic analyses all 24 films to discover which Bond was the biggest boozer, who was the deadliest assassin and much, much more.

Have you ever wondered which James Bond has had the most success with the ladies, who fired the most weapons, or who used the most gadgets?

Bond In Numbers, a new interactive guide from Betway Casino, collates all the data from every film, looking at every 007-related statistic imaginable .

All 24 movies in the franchise are analysed in detail, to determine the number of villains killed, romantic liaisons enjoyed, units of alcohol consumed, casinos visited, guns fired, cars driven, gadgets used and classic catchphrases spoken.

The extensive guide also compares the profit made from each film – both at the box office and after inflation – and how the theme song from each film performed in the UK charts.

It also includes trivia and fun facts about each film, plus never-before-seen data from Spectre.

Whether you’re an online casino fan or have visited Casino Royale itself, Bond In Numbers breaks down the statistics by individual film, and also compiles the best of Bond to see the stand-out facts at a glance.

For example, did you know:

– Daniel Craig is the booziest Bond, consuming a staggering 26 units of alcohol in Casino Royale and averaging 21.25 units per film.

– GoldenEye is the deadliest film with 47 bad guys killed, while Pierce Brosnan’s death toll of 135 is the highest among Bond actors.

– Skyfall is the most successful film, with $1,110,526,981 taken at the box office and an overall profit of $910,526,981.

– The actors playing Bond have enjoyed a grand total of 58 romantic liaisons to date, with four each in Sean Connery’s You Only Live Twice and Roger Moore’s A View To A Kill.

– Bond uses the most gadgets in Moonraker and goes through an outrageous four cars in both Diamonds Are Forever and Quantum of Solace.

– Bond’s drink of choice is actually champagne, rather than the iconic vodka martini.

– That helps explain why he only says “shaken, not stirred” a total of 12 times throughout the franchise, compared to 25 outings for “Bond, James Bond”.

Other fascinating facts from the franchise include the origin of the Walther PPK, how to make a proper vodka martini, and Sean Connery’s brush with death on the set of Thunderball.

So, to find out exactly how 007 uses his Licence To Kill and what he really gets up to while On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.