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Blackjack strategy 101: Winning an online blackjack tournament

05 Feb | BY Pavel Velinov | MIN READ TIME |
Blackjack strategy 101: Winning an online blackjack tournament

Ever thought of entering a blackjack tournament? With some simple strategy, you can try these interesting online blackjack competitions.

Online blackjack tournaments let players take on each other instead of the house. The more credits you win within the time frame of the competition, the bigger your prize.

Tournaments are simple to play, and if you’re armed with a few easy tips, you might have a better chance of taking one down.

Let’s explore these unique blackjack tournaments a little closer. And don’t forget, you will find a range of superb blackjack games online at Betway Casino.

How an online blackjack tournament works

Multi-player blackjack tournaments aren’t offered all the time online, and the rules can change depending on the promotion. Scheduled tournaments will have display prizepools in the lobby, as well as the number of players paid out.

In general, a blackjack tournament consists of several rounds, with each player given chips to play with. After the rounds have been completed, the players at the table with the most chips will progress to the next round.

A single blackjack tournament may feature dozens of tables all being played at once. The winning players from each table will progress and meet up at a later stage.

The tournament progresses until a final table of six players is reached. A final set of hands is played, with the best-performing players taking a share of the cash.

Alternatively, an Elimination Blackjack game simply rewards the best-performing players who take on the dealers one-to-one. 

Top tips for multi-player blackjack online

The moves you make in multi-player blackjack can be a little different to the ones you make in regular games.

Watch the other players: If you are sitting at a table with other players, pay attention to their chip stacks. That will inform your decision on whether to risk losing a hand. If the chip stacks are fairly close overall, try to match the other players’ bets, or match them as much as possible.

Go for broke at the end: If a blackjack tournament has a limited number of hands, you may have to change your play later on. Having good strategy on the last three or four hands is essential.

For example, if you are way behind your opponents with three hands to go on the table, go for broke and bet the majority of your stack. Leave some behind in the event of a double-down or pair split, however.

Use your chip advantage at the end: Let’s say you reach the final hand on your table. If you are in the lead, stay close to your opponents’ betting size if you can.

You may have to dodge one of the players hitting blackjack in order for you to win. However, it’s a safe strategy that can preserve your tournament life.

Play slow at the final table: You’ve reached the final table and you are in with a shot at some prize money.

Don’t go too aggressive, however. A bet worth five to 10 per cent of your stack on the first couple of hands is good to gauge your opponents and see where you are.

Go for the win: With a few hands remaining, and top three getting paid, it’s important to seize the chip lead if you want to win. Start to make some more adventurous plays that you may avoid in a regular blackjack game.

For instance, you might double down on 16, just to see if you can win the hand and earn some more chips. If losing the hand anyway changes little, why not risk some of your chips?

Advantages and disadvantages of an online blackjack tournament               

Online blackjack has one of the lowest house edges of all the casino games. With sensible long-term play you can get the better of the house.

But in a tournament, optimal strategy moves are put to one side. As a player you have to take slightly bigger risks in order to build a stack. A cheat sheet telling you to Stand on a 16 in regular blackjack might turn into a Hit in tournament blackjack, so it’s important to know the different moves.

With bigger risks needed, the house edge considerations change too. In a tournament, the casino’s edge increases as players have to make more unconventional plays.

The advantages of tournament blackjack are that they add excitement to a game normally played one-on-one between the customer and the casino. Competing against fellow players adds a whole new dynamic to your casino journey.

Play blackjack for free at Betway Casino

Blackjack tournaments offer the excitement of regular blackjack with an added competitive element.

Try blackjack for free at Betway Casino and see what your own personal playing style is.


Pavel Velinov

Sports writer and numbers man who produces infographics for a range of different sports, including football, cricket and horse racing. Occasionally contributing to the casino, live casino & online slots content.

Pavel Velinov

Sports writer and numbers man who produces infographics for a range of different sports, including football, cricket and horse racing. Occasionally contributing to the casino, live casino & online slots content.