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Blackjack strategy 101: Introducing Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand

28 May | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Blackjack strategy 101: Introducing Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand

Want to experience five times the fun and try out interesting side bets? Give Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand and discover a unique casino game.

Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand is a variant of classic blackjack developed by Microgaming.

The game lets you play more than one hand at a time, and there are some intriguing side bets to make things more interesting.

You can find Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand in the blackjack lobby at Betway Casino. Let’s explore this unique type of online blackjack to see if it beats the classic games hands-down.

How to play Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand

Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand is a unique online variant of classic blackjack. The aim is to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust.

You play against the dealer. If you beat the dealer’s total, or the dealer goes bust, you win.

You can also take out an Insurance bet which pays 2/1. This is a bet against the dealer having a natural blackjack in their hand.

Place your bets: To start, select your bet size and drop it onto the circle on the table. In Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand, you can play up to five hands at once.

Deal: Once you have placed your bets, you will be dealt two cards face up on each betting circle. The dealer receives one card down and one face up.

Hit/Stand: You now have to decide whether to receive more cards (“hit”) or take no more cards (“stand”). Once you have finished, the dealer will hit or stand.

The dealer must hit on a soft 17; that is a 17 containing an ace. Aces count as 1 or 11 in Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand.

Double Down/Split: You can also opt to double down or split pairs. A double down is an additional bet on 9, 10 or 11. You receive one more card, and one more card only.

Pairs can be split up to four times to create new hands. Once a hand is split, you continue to bet on it until you bust or decide to stand.

Payouts: There are three regular payouts in Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand:

Beat the dealer: 1/1
Get blackjack: 3/2
Insurance bet: 2/1

Bonus Bet: You can also place an extra stake on the Bonus Bet circle. Bonus payouts are made for the following hands:

A-J of spades: 50/1
A-J of diamonds, clubs or hearts: 25/1
Two cards of same suit: 5/2

Choose from four separate game modes

Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand has four unique game modes to choose from:

Multi-Hand: Play up to five hands at once. Two decks are used.

Multi-Hand Bonus: Play up to five hands at once and take a bonus bet on the strength of your hand. Two decks are used.

High Streak: Play up to five hands at once and place a side bet on hitting multiple wins in a row. Two decks are used.

Hi-Lo: In the Hi-Lo game, you can place a side bet on the first two cards you receive.

Top tips for playing Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand

Multi-hand blackjack gives you the opportunity to play several hands at once. That can put you in a good position if the dealer has a weak hand. It gives you five chances to win on each game.

With some simple tips, you can improve your Blackjack Multi-Hand chances.

1 – Picture cards are worth their weight in gold
Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand only uses two decks, so the picture cards are even more valuable than in a classic blackjack game. Avoid splitting picture cards which are better holding as a 20.

2 – Split your aces
Because of the lower number of cards in play, it’s worth splitting your aces to concentrate on making hands containing lots of low cards.

3 – Be aggressive
Remember, you don’t have to win each of your five hands, so it pays to be a bit more aggressive on two or three hands to guarantee a win.

4 – Use a cheat sheet
A cheat sheet shows you the optimal play depending on your cards and the dealer’s. You should be more aggressive with your hands if the dealer shows a low card like 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

5 – Be careful with side bets
The bonus side bets make Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand a more interesting game to play. First, though, work out if the potential payouts are worth making the bet in the first place.

The payout for hitting A-J of spades is 50/1, but the true odds of hitting those two cards together are far higher.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

Multi-Hand Blackjack lets you play more than one hand at once, and there’s no need to fight for chairs at the table.

Give Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand a play at Betway Casino and try out this intriguing online variant.