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Are you fir real? The cost of a real Christmas tree in 2023

06 Nov | news | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Are you fir real? The cost of a real Christmas tree in 2023

New study shares the cheapest and most expensive cities in the UK to buy a real Christmas Tree.

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes all the fun of the festivities. As well as buying presents, stocking up on food, and dusting off the Christmas records, lots of households across the country will soon be picking out (and decorating) their perfect tree. But where in the UK is home to the most affordable festive pines?

To find out, online casino Betway has conducted new research, looking at 30 of the most populated cities in the UK, and contacting over 100 Christmas tree suppliers to reveal the cheapest, and most expensive, cities to buy a real Christmas tree this year. They have then delved deeper to reveal whether a traditional tree is more, or less, cost-effective than buying an artificial tree. They’ve also taken a look at which Christmas tree shops and farms around the UK are most popular, according to TikTok. 

Top 10 cheapest cities to buy a real Christmas Tree

Analysing the cost of a real Christmas tree in 30 cities across the UK, our research shows that a real 6ft Nordmann Fir costs £53.96 on average. Nordmann Firs are a widely popular option for those who prefer the real deal thanks to their glossy green colour, fresh scent and low needle drop, meaning it will stay looking healthy throughout the festive period. 

The following cities have been revealed as the most affordable locations to buy a real 6ft Nordmann Fir Christmas tree in 2023.

1. Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent – rejoice! People living in the city can expect to pay the least for a real Christmas tree this year, purchasing one for an average of £45.60. This means they have more money left in their pocket to make the most of the city’s festive activities, including the Christmas Makers Market, the ice sculpture trail at Trentham Estate, and the classic Panto at the Regent Theatre.

2. Hull

Coming in second place, trees in Hull cost an average of just 37p more than in Stoke-on-Trent, at £45.97. For those looking for even more Christmas-based fun, there’s several seasonal markets being held around the city throughout December, including Winter Wonderland at MKM Stadium and the Park Street Christmas Market which starts in November.

3. Blackpool

With trees costing an average of £46, Blackpool comes in third place as being home to the cheapest trees. For more festive fun in the city, Blackpool’s world-famous Illuminations display runs through to 1st January 2024, and Blackpool’s Christmas by the Sea will be open from November, bringing a skate-rink, fairground rides, and chalet-village to the water’s edge.

4. Belfast

In fourth place is Belfast, with residents in the Irish city paying an average of £46.17 for their festive firs. Set against the backdrop of Belfast City Hall, the city’s Christmas Market is back this year, offering plenty of culinary delights, hot beverages, and handcrafted goods. 

5. Plymouth

Rounding off the top five cheapest cities in the UK for real Christmas trees is Plymouth. Trees cost an average of £46.75 in the city — just £1 more than in Stoke-on-Trent. 

Alongside picking the perfect tree, there’s plenty in Plymouth to keep you entertained throughout the festive period. Plymouth Christmas Market returns on the 30th November, and the city’s Winter Wonderland opens from the 24th November. 

Meanwhile, the study reveals that the most affordable supplier of Christmas trees is Sanderson Seasonal Supplies, located in Leicestershire, where a 6ft Nordmann Fir Christmas tree costs just £30!

Top 10 most expensive cities to buy a real Christmas Tree

1. Nottingham

Nottingham has been revealed as the most expensive city in the UK to buy a real Christmas Tree this year, with those living in the city having to fork out an average of £63.50 to get their house smelling of pine needles. That’s nearly £20 more than in Stoke-on-Trent!

Aside from the expensive trees, Nottingham does have a lot of festive fun on offer though, including its annual Winter Wonderland which is back this year with a brand-new elevated ice-rink trail.

2. Edinburgh

The second most expensive city for Christmas trees is Edinburgh, with costs averaging £63. They might have to splash out if they want a real tree this year, but the city’s residents will once again be treated to Edinburgh’s Christmas which sees the entire city transformed with markets, funfair rides, live outdoor events, and more. 

3. Derby

In third place is Derby, with real trees averaging £61 in the city. Despite the hefty price tag on pines, the city does have plenty of Yuletide activities on offer, including an ice-rink and nordic bar at the city’s Market Place.

4. London

London comes in fourth where a real Christmas tree sets residents back £60.60 each year on average. It might not come as a surprise that the most expensive tree analysed in the ranking can be found at Windsor Great Park, The Crown Estate, where a 6ft Nordmann Fir tree will cost you £72! 

Once you’ve picked your perfect tree, there are plenty more festive activities to enjoy in the capital this Christmas, from a trip to the iconic Hyde Park Winter Wonderland to enjoying the twinkling lights on Oxford Street.

5. Southampton

Southampton rounds off the top five where a real Christmas tree sets residents back £60.33 on average. For more festive fun, Southampton’s Christmas Market will be taking place from November to January whilst a light projection show will illuminate the iconic Bargate every 30 minutes from November through to December.

Real Christmas trees can cost up to 254% less on average than artificial ones

Whether it be for allergies, ease, or wanting to reduce the mess often created by dropping needles, many Brits may opt to purchase an artificial Christmas Tree. These have the added benefit of coming in many shapes, sizes (and colours!) so can be bought to suit any aesthetic. 

With an artificial 6ft Nordman Fir Christmas tree costing £190.95 on average from five online retailers, including garden centres and B&Q, you’d be saving 254% by purchasing a real Christmas tree of the same type and specifications (our research shows that this type of tree costs £53.96 on average from Christmas tree farms around the UK). 

However, with research showing that Brits keep their artificial Christmas trees for a decade on average, you could save an average of £348.65 by not purchasing a real Christmas tree every year for the same amount of years. 

Most TikTokable locations for purchasing a real tree this Christmas

Picking out your perfect tree is one of the best ways to really get into the festive spirit, but where are the most aesthetically pleasing locations to do so? Whether you make it a full day out with hot chocolates and ice skating, or prefer a quick trip to a garden centre, we’ve revealed the most TikTokable locations to pick your tree this year from a seedlist of popular locations.

The top 10 most TikTokable locations to pick your Christmas tree in 2023:

1. Petersham Nurseries

According to TikTok, the most popular Christmas tree shop in the UK is Petersham Nurseries. With locations in both Richmond and Covent Garden, ‘#PetershamNurseries’ has 737,000 hashtag views on the social media platform. 

Made up of restaurants, shops, wine bars, and a garden nursery, the two Petersham Nurseries locations have a lot to offer. The Richmond garden nursery is where you can pick up this year’s Christmas tree, and why not treat yourself to a festive wreath making class while you’re there?

2. Stockeld Park

In second place is Stockeld Park, with 689,300 TikTok hashtag views. A Grade-I listed country house and estate situated in North Yorkshire, Stockeld Park is the county’s largest grower of non-needle-drop Christmas trees. 

They’ve been growing trees on the estate for over a century, and currently have around half a million trees (covering 250 acres) for you to choose from. Festive season on the estate starts from 18th November. 

3. Kenyon Hall Farm

With 676,300 hashtag views, Kenyon Hall Farm is in third place. Based in Warrington, the farm’s indoor forest of fresh-cut Christmas trees will be open from late November through to December. 

The farm shop is also fully stocked with festive essentials, including a range of meats, fresh vegetables, and homemade mince pies, plus there’s plenty of homemade gifts and hampers you can pick up too. 

4. Bocketts Farm

In fourth is Bocketts Farm, with 260,900 TikTok hashtag views. Bocketts Farm is a working farm set in the stunning Surrey countryside with loads of festive activities and sights to enjoy around the Christmas period, including picking between hundreds of beautiful trees for your home.

5. Tong Garden Centre 

Rounding off the top five is Tong Garden Centre in Bradford, with 121,800 hashtag views. The garden centre already has real Christmas trees in-store and ready to go, so if you’re looking to hand-pick your tree over the next few weeks, this is the place to head. 

Where will you be shopping for you Christmas tree this year?

Methodology & Sources 

Betway pulled together a seedlist of the 30 most populated cities in the UK. Christmas tree farms were then located using The British Christmas Tree Growers Association Online Directory. A city centre postcode was inputted to the directory and the top 5 results were taken for each location. 

The price for a 6ft Nordmann tree taken from selected suppliers. Where prices are only available for a tree of multiple sizes, e.g ‘4-5ft, 5-6ft, 6-7ft’, the price for a 6-7ft tree was taken. When multiple grades of trees are available, e.g standard and deluxe, an average price is taken. Where there are no prices available on the website, the Christmas tree farm was contacted directly and asked for the price of a 6ft Nordmann tree. 116 Christmas tree suppliers are included in the research in total with an average of 5 per city. All figures are excluding delivery costs.

To find the most TikTok’d locations, a seedlist of popular Christmas tree farms was taken from a number of online articles. TikTok data was pulled from the platform using ‘#[name of Christmas tree shop]. Data correct as of 31/10/2023.

The average cost for a 6ft Nordmann Fir Christmas tree was taken from five online retailers and garden centres:

The average number of years Brits have an artificial Christmas tree was taken from a 2018 report. The average cost of a real tree, as per our study, was then used to calculate how much people can save by purchasing an artificial tree.