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A countdown of the top luxury yachts for high rollers

19 Dec | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
A countdown of the top luxury yachts for high rollers

Put your winnings to good use with this guide to the biggest and best boats around, featuring jacuzzis, helipads and your own private casinos.

Online casino gamblers always dream about hitting the jackpot, and, more importantly, how they might spend it.

And the trappings of a big blackjack or roulette win don’t come much swankier than being able to own your own private yacht.

After all, what could be better than travelling the world with friends and stopping off at the best casinos and parties before setting sail with your own private crew?

Here’s a list of the top yachts and cruisers on the market, just in case you ever find yourself in a position to buy one…


The aptly-named Gambler yacht was constructed by Nordlund in the US but is sadly not available to buy. The 82ft monster does have enough space to fit up to eight passengers on your charter, though

Length: 24.9m/82.02ft
Accomodation: 8 guests
Price: Unknown


This picturesque beast went on sale at the big shows in 2017 and regularly gets included in best-of-year round-ups. It’s a massive 114ft long and even features a VIP suite if your guests are extra-special. There’s space for five crew members to sleep, too.

Length: 35m/114ft
Accomodation: 8 guests
Price: $1.9m


If you want a few more guests to join you on your jaunt, then Cheers 46 has enough space to fit 12 people. The $15m price tag means you’ll have to pay for the extra room, but the 140ft length is more than enough to have your own private casino fitted.

Length: 42.67m/139.99ft
Accomodation: 12 guests
Price: $15-16m


A luxury vessel fit for either 007 or Le Chiffre, Casino Royale was made for US yachter John Staluppi and recently went for close to $50 million. It was built by Christensen and forms part of the yard’s Millenium Edition series. There are six cabins fitting 12 guests, all with en-suite bathrooms, while the VIP room also has a jacuzzi and gaming lounge thrown in.

Length: 50m/164ft
Accomodation: 12 guests
Price: $49.5m


At 59m long, Maybe is one of the largest private yachts ever built in Spain, but if you can afford the $40m cost then it’s definitely worth it.

The yacht has space for 12 guests, an on-deck dining area, a cinema room, a walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom and even a helipad so you can fly in and out without breaking a sweat.

Length: 59m/194ft
Accomodation: 12 guests
Price: $40m


Motor yachts don’t come much swankier than this, with a gym, spa, outdoor swimming pool, and your own private casino. It can fit 14 guests in seven en-suite double rooms, and there’s still space for 27 crew members (including croupiers). You better order soon, though, as construction takes two years.

Length: 81m/265ft
Accomodation: 14 guests
Price: $101m


This boat is perfect for gamblers that want to get around super quick, with a cruising speed of 25 knots that can crank things up to 27 when necessary. It can sleep 18 people across five doubles, three twins, and two berths, but it’s no problem flying in extra guests since the SILVER FAST has its own helipad.

The yacht also boasts a spa with sauna and steam room, plus a ‘beach club’ area with an outdoor cinema and jacuzzi, while the sun deck also has space for at least two gaming tables.

Length: 77m/252ft
Accomodation: 18 guests
Price: $94m


The LADY NAG NAG is shorter than some boats on our list, but is a limited edition and features slick interior design.

The exterior has a sundeck (with obligatory jacuzzi), and loads of inside space with sitting rooms, kitchen-diners and meeting areas. The double bedrooms are large enough for their own seating areas and, yes, there’s space for a three-table casino built within. 

Length: 52.3m/171ft
Accomodation: 14 guests
Price: $30.9m


If you like your casinos with marble floors, then the Italian-built Sarastar is for you, with onyx flooring throughout the seating areas and silk-textile decor across all rooms.

The ‘beach club’ is at sea level so sun loungers can have a dip without getting the diving board out, there’s a helipad for transporting up to 12 guests, and it even doubles as a ‘party zone’ for when you’d rather spend your late nights on board.

Length: 60m/197ft
Accomodation: 12 guests
Price: $55m