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QB or not QB is the question facing Texans and Colts

07 Oct | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
QB or not QB is the question facing Texans and Colts

The two sides meet in this week's Thursday Night Football - and both have decisions to make over Andrew Luck and Ryan Mallett respectively

The build-up to this week’s Thursday Night Football clash between the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts has been focused on the quarterbacks.

In the blue corner, every Colts fan will be anxious to learn whether Andrew Luck has recovered from his shoulder injury in time for their trip to Houston.

Originally thought to be a tendon problem, further tests revealed he had suffered ‘a subluxation of his throwing shoulder’, whereupon Google nearly melted as thousands of Indianapolis followers frantically searched the meaning of the term.

Essentially a partial dislocation, the ultimate result is that the joint stays painful for a while.

Fears that the injury would derail the Colts season were somewhat assuaged earlier this week as Luck was seen throwing at practice – a strong suggestion he will be fit soon.

The other reason Colts fans will be reassured is simply that Luck’s replacement, the veteran Matt Hasselbeck, performed pretty darn well against Jacksonville.

Yes, Jacksonville are not the Texans.

But for a 40-year-old who had not started a game in nearly three years, Hasselbeck did a good job of marshalling his troops, making 282 yards and a touchdown.

It was also the first game this season they have not thrown an interception.

There is no doubt it will be far more of a test against the Texans, but the Colts have won the AFC South nine times in the last 12 years and they are currently top of it already.

If Luck needs another week out, it is not irretrievable – which is why the Colts are still 20/23 for the win.

In the red corner, meanwhile, injury will not be a factor in deciding which quarterback to pick – but form will.

Reports suggest the Texans will stick with Ryan Mallett, even though he was hauled off late on Sunday after throwing an interception and not leading them to a single point in their 48-21 humbling by the Atlanta Falcons.

Despite his nightmare performance, coach Bill O’Brien is giving ‘our starting quarterback’ Mallett another chance.

But Brian Hoyer, last year’s Cleveland QB and another veteran, will be waiting.

Hoyer actually won the starting spot during pre-season training camp, but was himself benched after the first week loss to Kansas.

His stats for that game? Two-hundred-and-thirty-six yards, one touchdown and one interception.

Compared to Mallett’s performance last weekend, he was practically Brett Favre.

The uncertainly that hangs over the Texans camp will do nothing to aid their preparation for the game, especially with a shortened week – hence their winning odds of 20/21.

There is time for them to challenge for the AFC South crown still as, of the four teams involved, they are one of three that only have one win.

Grab another here and it’s game on.

The Texans are 7/1 for that AFC South title, while the Colts are 2/9.

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