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Chelsea vs. Liverpool: Why Brendan Rodgers can expect no favours from old friend Jose Mourinho in this clash

07 May | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Chelsea vs. Liverpool: Why Brendan Rodgers can expect no favours from old friend Jose Mourinho in this clash

Chelsea have already wrapped up the title, but don’t think they will go easy on the Reds

So that’s it then, the title is done and dusted, the trophy engraved and polished. 

Jose Mourinho is back, and that means the title is back at Stamford Bridge once again. 

Confirmed with a trademark 1-0 win against Crystal Palace on Sunday, it’s the Blues’ first Premier League title since 2010, and the third for Mourinho in his second spell with the club. 

So with the league safely in his back pocket – along with the Capital One Cup picked up in a 2-0 win over Tottenham back in March – Mourinho and his team have nothing left to play for. 

Knocked out of the Champions League by Paris Saint-Germain and dumped out of the FA Cup in that astonishing match with League One side Bradford City, the moment Kevin Friend blew his whistle for the last time on Sunday, the win over Palace immediately became Chelsea’s last competitive match of the season. 

Not so for Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool. They could yet salvage a disappointing season – but only really if they can somehow take advantage of Manchester United’s late collapse in form (three defeats in three now), and squeak past them into the top four. 

Part one of that mission involves getting a win at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. In a match that means so much for Liverpool, and means nothing for Chelsea.

So, time to lump all your money on an away win, then? While John Terry and co go through the motions of fulfilling the fixture, there in body perhaps, but their spirit already on a white sandy beach, pina colada in one hand, selfie stick in the other?

And anyway, aren’t Mourinho and Rodgers best pals from when the Portuguese brought the Northern Irishman into the coaching set up at Chelsea in 2004? Surely Rodgers can count on his old BFF to play the kids and give the Reds a sporting chance?

Yeah, right.

For a start, Liverpool haven’t beaten Chelsea once – home or away – since Rodgers took charge at Anfield in 2012.

And Mourinho and Rodgers – pals? Perhaps once. Certainly not now.

When Rodgers got his chance as Liverpool boss, Mourinho was fulsome in his praise for his one-time protégé. But as soon as he came back to Chelsea, the dynamic shifted. Now they were rivals. Now the student had become the opponent. Now he was fair game. Now he has to be beaten. 

Remember how Alex Ferguson got all pally with Arsene Wenger in his last few years at United? Once Arsenal were no longer really a threat, Fergie was happy to be his friend.

That same process has happened in reverse with Mourinho and Rodgers. And Mourinho has form for this – he and another former protégé, Andre Villas-Boas are no longer exchanging Christmas cards either.

And just wait: if Manchester United manage a title challenge next season, watch Mourinho cut out the chumminess we’ve seen this term between him and his former boss Louis van Gaal.

So you have been warned, Brendan: don’t expect any favours from Jose.