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tabseN Q&A

We sat down with tabseN at a recent BIG bootcamp to ask him some of your community questions.

01 Apr | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
tabseN Q&A

How many hours of CS did you play until you got into your first professional team?

‘It’s a tough question to be honest. If I think about hours, probably all combined between 1.6 and GO, I would say 7 or 8 or maybe even 9 thousand hours.’

When did you realise that you could become a professional player, and did you ever doubt that you were going to make it?

‘I realised it when I played in my first international team in 1.6, when I played on a team with LEGIJA and chrisJ, I had a pretty good performance for my individual level back then, I had no experience and I noticed that I can compete with the top.

When CS:GO started I never wanted to play CS:GO because it was a bad game in the beginning, but after some time an ESL admin back then he gave me a key and then I said to myself to just try it out.

To be honest I never doubted myself that I wouldn’t make it, but in the end, it worked out and I believe in myself anyway.’

What is the craziest round of CS you have played?

‘It was vs Tengri at the PGL Major Qualifier, it was 15-14 and I pushed B upper on Cobblestone with a flash and was able to get 3 kills and I won the round for us. If we lost this round, we could have easily been out.’

What’s your favourite tournament you’ve attended?

‘Especially for me it was Cologne 2018, I have memories that I never believed would happen and I hope this year we can do the same.’

What are your expectations for the Berlin Major?

‘We’re taking it game by game, first is the Closed Qualifier online to try to get us to the Minor, as I said we’re just taking it game by game.’

What do you think of the new mousesports roster?

‘Erm, to be honest I think the old mousesports was better, I think some players in this team are not as experienced and they have placed in a less proper team, but they can improve a lot having a really good IGL like Karrigan, w0xic is a really good AWP and they can obviously learn a lot from chrisJ.

I think time will tell but I think they have a lot of potential.’

Is being nervous a big thing for you when playing on stage and does it affect your playstyle in any way?

‘Obviously being nervous is a normal thing I would say, especially playing on stage, but you need to handle it. Sometimes when you make a mistake you need to just wash it out of your head and get ready for the next round. But also being nervous can give you a positive affect as it can hype you and helps you give 100% for your team and fans.

It can affect my playstyle when you make a mistake and you don’t want to make that same mistake, but most of the time you will still play the way you practiced and the way you know how to play.’

Who was the best German player you played with in 1.6?

‘In my opinion it was cyx, if he wouldn’t have died he would have still played CS:GO and he would’ve have been really good and I wish I could have played with him on a team.’

What are your expectations for XANTARES?

‘Obviously, everyone says XANTARES is a beast and we know that too, he didn’t play his top performance in this team yet, but we will unleash the beast and we will make it happen.’

How can I be such a beautiful human like tabseN?

‘I need to ask my mother for that!’

How have you adapted to your new primary AWP role?

‘Erm, I’ve watched a lot of Astralis demos and watching a lot of Device and how he plays the AWP. They have a similar team setup to us with just 1 AWP which we haven’t had for a long time as we used to play with double AWP which was the meta but now it’s changed, and 1 AWP is enough in the new meta.

I tried to copy of lot what Device does, come up with some new stuff myself especially on the T side as I’ve mostly practiced CT AWP, it worked well in the practice but I still need some time to improve in tournaments, so I can see where I’ve gone wrong and where I need to improve for the future.’


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