Betway offer a range of different markets for customers looking to bet on UFC action.

We provide betting markets for every UFC event, along with Bellator, Cage Warriors, BAMMA, Glory, KSW and ONE Championship.

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Fight Winner

This is the main market for betting on any UFC fight, and also the easiest to understand.

The sportsbook will give you the option to select Fighter A or Fighter B to win. Simply select the fighter you believe will win to place your bet.

Round Betting

The Round Betting market allows you to not just bet on the fighter you predict will win, but also to bet on the round in which they will end the fight.

The sportsbook will give you several options depending on how many rounds there are in the fight.

For example, in a three-round bout, you will be given the following options: Fighter A Round 1, Fighter A Round 2, Fighter A Round 3, Fighter A To Win On Points, Fighter B Round 1, Fighter B Round 2, Fighter B Round 3, Fighter B To Win On Points.

Simply select the outcome you think most likely to place your bet.

Method of Victory

Instead of betting on the round in which your picked fighter will win, the Method of Victory market allows you to predict exactly how they will end the fight.

The sportsbook will offer you three options for each fighter – KO, TKO or Disqualification, Submission, and Decision or Technical Decision – and also an option for a Draw or Technical Draw.

Simply select the outcome you are predicting to place your bet.

Method and Round Betting

If you wish to be even more specific with your UFC betting, then the Method and Round Betting is for you.

As suggested in the name, this market combines the Round Betting market with the Method of Victory market, allowing you to predict how and when you believe the fight will end.

The sportsbook will present you with every possible outcome for the fight to end inside the distance. Simply select the outcome you believe will happen to place your bet. 

Total Rounds

Instead of placing a bet on a specific outcome, the Total Rounds market allows you to predict how many rounds the fight will go.

If you’re betting on a three-round bout, you will be given the options of Over/Under 1.5 rounds and Over/Under 2.5 rounds.

If you’re betting on a five-round bout, you will get further options of Over/Under 3.5 and 4.5 rounds.

Simply select an Over/Under to place your bet.

When Will The Fight End

Much like the Total Rounds market, When Will The Fight End allows you to bet on the round in which you believe the fight will end, without having to pick a fighter.

Because you are selecting a single round and not a range, the odds in this market tend to be longer.

Simply select the round in which you believe the fight will end to place your bet. 

Will The Fight Go The Distance

This is one of the most simple markets offered for UFC betting on the sportsbook.

You will be given two options, Yes or No. Simply select whether you think the fight will go to the judges’ scorecards or not to place your bet.

Decision Victories

If you believe that a fight will go the distance, the Decision Victories market allows you to be more specific with your prediction.

The sportsbook will give you the option of Unanimous Decision and Split/Majority Decision for both fighters, as well as options for No Scorecard and Draw.

Select the option you predict to place your bet.

Gone In 60 Seconds

If you have your eye on a fight that you believe either fighter could win within the first minute, then the Gone In 60 Seconds market can be useful.

You don’t even have to select a fighter, the sportsbook gives you just one option: ‘Either To Win In 60 Seconds.’


Know your fighters

As with betting on any sport, it pays to do your research before wagering on UFC fights.

Looking at each fighters’ record, recent fights, training camp, coaching staff and injuries can help you understand what shape they are in coming into the fight.

Understanding how their reach, stance and pace matchup with their opponent can further help you decide which fighter to back.

Simple things like age are also crucial, with older fighters statistically more likely to suffer knockouts than their younger counterparts.

By studying each combatant you are giving yourself a much better chance of success when it comes to picking fights.

Keep an eye on the weigh-ins

Cutting weight is a massive part of modern mixed martial arts, and can help determine who wins come fight night.

Every weight cut is different, and a fighter who cruised through their last cut will not necessarily do so again before their next fight.

By keeping an eye on the weigh-ins, which take place the day before UFC events, you are able to better understand the condition that each fighter is in.

Those that have struggled to make weight can see their performance suffer the next day, and spotting this can be crucial for UFC betting success.

This is not to say that all fighters who have a bad weight cut will lose, but it is important to understand the preparation of each fighter before betting for or against them.

Location and setting is crucial

Another factor to consider when betting on UFC is both the location of the event and the arena in which it is taking place.

If an event is being held in Brazil, and a fighter has travelled from Europe, then they could be at a disadvantage to their opponent.

They will have travelled for many hours, have had to deal with jet lag, and will be living and training in unfamiliar surroundings.

The other thing that you need to consider is cage size. Most UFC events utilise a 756sqft cage, but some arenas only have space for a smaller 518sqft cage.

With less space to operate in, smaller cages tend to produce more finishes, with larger cases producing more decisions.

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