How does table tennis work?

Like in regular tennis, table tennis is played by two players who rally to victory.

Points are won by a player when their opponent is unable to return a shot or a player’s shot either hits the net or doesn’t land on the table.

A player is also given two attempts to complete a successful serve, or a point will be awarded to their opponent.

Matches are split into games.

A game is awarded to the first player to reach 11 points, ensuring they have at least a two-point lead over their opponent.

If a player reaches 11 points with a lead fewer than two points, there will be a tie-break between the two until one player opens a two-point gap.

Matches are then decided in a best-of-five game format – first to three, for example – or best of seven in major tournaments.

How to bet on table tennis

Betway offer a wide range of table tennis markets across every game in a match, including:

Match winner

This one is the easiest of the lot.

On the sports book, you will be given the option of Player A or Player B to win. Simply pick the player you think will win the match.

Game winner

Similarly to the match winner market, you will again be given the option of Player A or Player B here.

But the difference this time is that you will just be backing them to win a specific game, rather than the entire match.

Total points per game

This market allows you to bet on whether there will be over or under a pre-determined number of points in a specific game.

Handicap line per game

This is another market that is for a specific game, rather than the entire match. It will allow you to bet on the amount of points a game will be won by.

Race to three, five and seven points per game

These markets will allow you to back either Player A or Player B to be the first to score three, five and seven points in a specific game.

Tips for betting on table tennis

Current rank isn’t everything

You need to understand the individual styles of each table tennis player.

Simply because the world no. 3 is playing the no. 9, it doesn’t mean the higher ranked player will always win.

The no. 9 might have an impressive record against players of their opponent’s style, for example.

Form is important

Form can fluctuate wildly from tournament to tournament.

Most of the major players will tailor their schedules to ensure they peak in time for the biggest events, like the Olympics.

Conduct your own research

There is relatively little coverage of table tennis, meaning it is easier to get an edge if you can watch games yourself.

If you see a big upset, look into why it might have happened. Also research the longer-priced player.

You might be able to find a top performer at a long price before anyone else.

Visit Betway's table tennis betting page.