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John Brewin on Rooney’s sad decline and why Southgate is what England need

06 Oct | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
John Brewin on Rooney’s sad decline and why Southgate is what England need

The ESPN football writer joins Tom Bowles and Alan Alger for episode 26 of the Betway Insider Podcast, discussing...

  • Whether it is possible to get onside with Gareth Southgate just because he wears open-collared shirts and gives impressive press conferences.
  • Southgate as a company man and whether that perception has altered over the last week or so.
  • Why the former international defender is a “solid citizen” who can stand up for himself, and how that makes him the right man for the job full-time.
  • What the role of a “festering” Wayne Rooney should be in England’s next two games and beyond.
  • Why Southgate, like Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, might be better off giving Rooney “enough rope to hang himself” with.
  • Tottenham’s win over Manchester City and the trouble Pep Guardiola has with his full-backs.
  • The qualities Bob Bradley will bring as Swansea manager, and why the club’s owners might have opted for the American over Ryan Giggs.
  • Some highlights from his career, including the best game he has been to – both as a reporter and a fan – and his favourite ever interview.

In addition to the usual fun and games, Alan shares an amusing Arsene Wenger anecdote in celebration of the Arsenal manager’s 20-year anniversary.