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Richard Johnson blog: Injury, Cheltenham, Aintree, prize money

04 Mar | BY Richard Johnson | MIN READ TIME |
Richard Johnson blog: Injury, Cheltenham, Aintree, prize money

The champion jockey says he's a bit bruised but will still be '100 per cent' in time for Cheltenham Festival, and gives his view on the prize money boycott.

It was frustrating what happened at Newbury on Saturday.

Tapaculo was beaten at the time when he unseated me at the last in the opening handicap hurdle and even though it didn’t look that bad, I landed awkwardly.

It’s not always the worst fall in the world, it’s how you land.

I was badly bruised at the bottom of my back and it hurt a lot. Sometimes it disappears after five minutes, but it didn’t on Saturday.

Thankfully it’s temporary rather than anything major. I saw the physio on Monday morning and she’s happy that the bones are as they should be.

I just need to try to rest a bit and give it some time. I’m fine sitting up or walking, it’s just the bending which I obviously have to do when I’m on a horse.

I hope to ride later this week, probably on Thursday, but I’m not worried about next week.

I know I’ll be 100 per cent by Saturday. Bruising can disappear quickly but sometimes it can linger for a couple of days.

I’ll go swimming later on today, it’s a good way to do some exercise without impacting my body. It’s good to get it moving and fingers crossed it gets better over the next day or two.

Time is the best healer with things like this.

I’m supposed to be doing a Cheltenham preview on Tuesday night, so I might have a closer look at the entries for the handicaps and get as organised as I can for next week.

Pilates has been very helpful for me over the past few years, it keeps you supple and strengthens up your body. I won’t be doing any of that today, but will get back into some light exercises on Tuesday.

Crooks Peak could go to Aintree

It was obviously disappointing not to be on Crooks Peak at Newbury but it was still good to see him win.

He’s not done a lot wrong this season and Aintree might be on the cards now. He’s going the right way and is a decent novice.

Philip Hobbs had a couple of winners over the weekend, which bodes well for the next few weeks.

We’ve seen with quite a few yards who have had recent flu jabs, that some horses have been running better than others. Hopefully they’re all coming into form at the right time.

Prize money boycott

As jockeys, we support the owners and trainers’ stance on the boycott over prize money.

We feel it’s definitely an issue and hopefully everyone can work together to come out with a fair conclusion.

ARC is a business and they’re in it to make money, which we understand.

They’re doing the best they can for their shareholders, but hopefully they also realise that they can be fair to the owners who run their horses at their racecourses.

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Richard Johnson

Four-time champion jump jockey who is second on the all-time list for most National Hunt winners in the UK.

Richard Johnson

Four-time champion jump jockey who is second on the all-time list for most National Hunt winners in the UK.