The 2019/20 Premier League season has finally come to an end, and with it another successful year of charity tipping for our three West Ham fans.

Having raised £5,000 for Isla’s Fight last season, our tipsters have outdone themselves this year, with some huge winners seeing last year’s total smashed.

Between them, the three Hammers supporters raised a massive £9,325, which will be rounded up to £10,000 by Betway for donation to Isla’s Fight.

The biggest win of the season came courtesy of Mark ‘The Ribman’ Gevaux, whose 33/1 #BetYourWay on the Hammers’ 3-1 win over Southampton in February raised £3,300 for the kitty.

Mark also secured a 20/1 winning selection on the 1-1 home draw against Sheffield United in October, winning £2,000.

Speaking to Betway after the conclusion of the campaign, Mark said: “I’ve loved doing this again. I had a couple of nice earners for Isla so I’m well happy. Hopefully we can do it again next season. Come on you Irons!”

While Mark secured the biggest win of the season, Geo from Hammers Chat was the most regular contributor to the fund, securing four winning #BetYourWays over the course of the season.

Geo kicked things off with a 9/2 winner on the victory over Watford in August, before adding 7/2 and 9/4 winners in the home and away fixtures against champions Liverpool.

He found his final winning #BetYourWay of the season in the post-lockdown defeat by Tottenham, a 10/1 winner that saw £1,000 added to the pot.

“A few of my near misses were frustrating, a corner here or a card there off winning a few hundred more for the kitty, but if that doesn’t sum up Premier League football then I don’t know what does,” said Geo.

“It was mixed season for West Ham, ending on the high of staying in the Premier League. Being able to work with Betway to help people out has definitely been one of the better points.”

And finally, our newcomers for this season were West Ham Fans FC, who secured a valuable 20/1 #BetYourWay on the Hammers’ home win over Watford to add another £2,000 to the fund.

Manager Matt Dilworth said: “It’s been great to have been involved in the #BetYourWay charity tipping this season.

“Predicting West Ham results is never an easy task but I’m glad I was able to get one of my predictions correct just before the end of the season to add a decent sum of money to a very worthwhile cause.

“It’s great to see the club’s sponsors get behind Isla’s Fight, which is close to many a Hammer’s heart. Hopefully between the three of us we’ve earnt some Hammers a few quid along the way as well.”

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