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At Home With: Norwich striker Josip Drmic

01 May | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
At Home With: Norwich striker Josip Drmic

In the latest entry of our series, Norwich striker Josip Drmic discusses how he’s been spending his time at home since the Premier League season was put on hold.

Since the Premier League season was put on hold, the Partnerships team at Norwich City have been working hard to ensure their valued club partners remain engaged and up-to-date with the club’s situation.

Last week, alongside other club partners, Betway exclusively found out how striker Josip Drmic is getting on with life outside of football.

How are you continuing to do your job despite working from home?

I have never been sitting at home like this for so long, but now I have adapted to the situation. I know that it is not just for me, it’s the same for all the lads and all the people.

We have a plan from the club, telling us what to do. We’ve got the GPS, we’ve got drills.

We have to keep moving, we have to train and we have to be ready, because we don’t know what the situation brings. It’s important to do that stuff.

What sort of work are you doing given we don’t know when the season will return?

For me the uncertainty is the hardest element, because you don’t know what’s coming.

In pre-season, we will be prepared for everything coming into the season, and now we are waiting to see what’s happening.

It is very important that we have that plan to do some training.

I know some of the players will be enjoying the time and won’t train. Maybe they won’t be ready when we have to play again.

How are you keeping in contact with players and staff?

We have training sessions on video calls one or two times a week, so I see all of their faces.

Sometimes I write on WhatsApp or follow what they are doing on Instagram, but my most intense contact is with Mario Vrancic.

I think I hear his voice two or three times per week on a phone call. We are really good friends, so we speak about everything.

How are you using this time to hone your skills?

I’m just trying to do all the important stuff, like home training.


What’s the thing you miss most about football?

I am very disappointed that I can’t go to the Euros. I felt ready to play.

If I’m honest, the Euros were a big, big goal for me.

I wanted to be there, and I wanted to play. I have played in the Champions League, I have played in the Europa League, I have played in the World Cup, just not the Euros.

It would be great to get back and play in the FA Cup and Premier League for Norwich, but I also have respect for this return. It has to be healthy for the players.

We have had a long break, so we need a very good pre-season.

You also need a few games, so to start a small season, playing every three or four days, will be very hard.

What can I say? I want this feeling, I want this competition. That’s what I’m dreaming for, I’m living for.

But sometimes you have to be smart and think about whether it’s healthy to play a small season as quickly as possible.

How are you passing the time without any football to watch?

I do totally different things, like being creative with drawing. Anything to get through the time.

Any TV shows/films/books you’d recommend?

I was very happy because the new series of Money Heist series came out. I love the programme – it’s special.

Have you discovered any new interests or hobbies since the football stopped?

I have enjoyed being in the music studio as it is something totally different from soccer.

To hear your voice and to create something is really special.

I have always had it in my head that I would like to do it more often, but you don’t have that time or it’s not such a priority when you’re playing football.

Have there been any positives that have come from the football stopping?

I am really enjoying the time with family.

When I am in England, I am far away from them and I don’t have time to be with them.

Have you learned anything about yourself?

How much I miss football.

I did a few runs outside in the woods, but after a week or two I started thinking: ‘Oh man, I miss the ball.’

What has the break made you realise you love most about football?

The feeling on the pitch. The feeling with the ball. The feeling of having competition.

I can go and run, I can do a personal body session or something like that, but I miss playing matches.

I miss that feeling with the ball. I miss shooting at Tim Krul and scoring a goal.