Five people shared the £250,000 rollover jackpot this weekend after winning 4 To Score, Betway’s weekly prediction game.

Carl Rose, for whom the prize capped an unbelievable weekend, and four other punters scooped £50,000 each after predicting the first goalscorer in four selected Premier League matches, with Sadio Mane’s goal for Liverpool at West Ham on Monday evening securing the prize.

Cardiff’s Bobby Reid, Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero had previously opened the scoring in their respective matches, a combination unusual enough for Rose – a Wolves fan from Birmingham – to cap a memorable weekend.

“I joined Betway over two years ago and I’ve been playing the free games all season,” he said.

“The amazing thing is that I won the 4 To Win racing game on Friday evening. I picked the first three winners in the selected races at Newcastle before the abandonment for snow, so I shared the £800 prize with five other winners.”

The 52-year-old had been following his selections with excitement over the weekend, but faced an agonising wait for West Ham v Liverpool on Monday night.

“I fancied Cardiff to win their game and knew that Bobby Reid was on penalty duty,” he said. “Rashford and Aguero seemed like obvious picks.

“I knew I was waiting for Mane’s goal on Monday night and I hadn’t stopped telling everyone at work that I was still in the competition with one game to go.

“I was overwhelmed with messages and calls from them as soon as the goal went in.”

Fellow winner Daniel, a Manchester United fan from Pontypool, was equally amazed by his victory.

“I only joined Betway this weekend and it was my first go at the 4 To Score game so I can’t believe it,” he said.

“I watch a lot of Match of the Day and I really fancied those players based on what I’d seen. I’ve actually been really impressed with Bobby Reid lately.

“I knew I was close on Monday night, but was just waiting for the call.”

Luke, a Newcastle fan from North Shields, already has specific plans for his £50k.

“I’m going to book a nice summer holiday to Bulgaria and then probably have another holiday at some point,“ he said.

“I made my picks pretty randomly. The last three games seemed like obvious picks, but I didn’t have a clue about Cardiff v Bournemouth.

“I was working on Monday night and put the whole thing out of my mind. It’s incredible to find out that I’ve won.”

Wolves supporter Lee, who works in the finance industry, also has his eye on a holiday.

“What with the cold weather, I know that the first purchase will be going away somewhere warm,” he said.

“I don’t think I’ve even got as close as getting two 4 To Score selections right before.

“I saw it had reached the rollover and decided to give it a go – I made my picks pretty randomly. I knew I was in with a shout, but thought more people would be left in so didn’t get my hopes too high.”

Paul, a 33-year-old Hartlepool United supporter, also relied on some fortune to earn his share of the £250k prize.

“My selections were random as I went through the games, no real thought went into it,” he said.

“I like betting on football at the weekend with a small accumulator and I enjoy the free games, but I have no idea what to do with the money.”


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