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The Coffee Capitals of the World

02 Oct | news | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
The Coffee Capitals of the World

Have you ever wondered which cities around the world can rightly claim the crown as the coffee capital? We’ve ranked the best and worst cities for coffee lovers.

There are few things as important to us as a society as sports, but coffee is certainly up there – it’s one of the most popular drinks in the world, with reports suggesting that a couple of billion cups are consumed each and every day!

But where abouts in the world can you find the most readily-available and cheapest cup of joe? We decided to find out! 

Comparing the total number of cafés, the number of coffee shops per capita, and the average price of coffee in some of the world’s biggest cities, online casino Betway ranked the top destinations for your daily fix. 

The Coffee Capitals of Europe

Reviewing some of Europe’s biggest and most noteworthy cities, we’ve determined the destinations with the strongest selection of cafés. Does your city feature?

Café culture: the European cities with the most coffee shops per capita

We’ve looked at the European destinations with the most coffee shops per capita, with the Greek capital Athens taking top spot. In fact, Athens boasts almost one coffee shop per 1,000 people, ahead of Galway (0.651), Manchester (0.582), Cork (0.571), and Dublin (0.558). 

Next up, Liverpool (0.473) and Lisbon (0.439) rank sixth and seventh, respectively, ahead of Prague (0.392), Reykjavik (0.374), and Glasgow (0.364).

With this in mind, reviewing our results, with an incredible three results in the top five, we can reasonably rank Ireland among the coffee capitals of the world, while the UK features twice!

Which European cities have the most cafés in total?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of Europe’s leading cities rank among the coffee capitals when we look at the total number of cafés, with none other than the UK’s very own London taking top spot with an astonishing 1,570 cafés. 

The English metropolis is trailed by Berlin (688), Rome (624), and Athens (623), while Prague (523) and Madrid (502) follow closely. In fact, no other European locations have more than 500 coffee shops! Next up, Budapest has 397 cafés, while Vienna and Paris boast 324 and 323 coffee houses, respectively. 

Meanwhile, rounding out Europe’s ten best coffee cities, we have the English city of Manchester, making the UK the only nation to feature twice on our list. 

Incidentally, there are a further two UK cities that feature further down – Liverpool (235) and Glasgow (231) – while other countries to earn multiple places include Greece, with Thessaloniki (195), and Ireland, with Dublin (293), Cork (71), and Galway (52). 

Which European cities sell the cheapest coffee?

When it comes to the cheapest coffee in Europe, look no further than Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Sarajevo, where a cup costs just €1.49. 

This is slightly cheaper than Albania’s capital Tirana (€1.50), while Rome (€1.51), Lisbon (€1.89), and Slovenia’s Ljubljana (€2) each also place among Europe’s five cheapest coffee cities. 

Other cities in our top ten include Zagreb (€2.02), Budapest (€2.05), and Madrid (€2.06), ahead of Belgrade (€2.10) and Bratislava (€2.38). 

Meanwhile, Denmark’s Copenhagen is Europe’s most expensive coffee city, with the average cup costing €5.71, followed by Bern (€4.90), Reykjavik (€4.47), and Helsinki (€4.34).

The coffee capitals of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India

Reviewing some of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India’s biggest cities, which destinations are café and coffee central?

Which cities have the most cafés per capita?

With just under 0.5 cafés per 1,000 people, the Canadian West Coast city of Vancouver has the most coffee shops per capita of all analysed nations, ahead of New Zealand’s Wellington (0.470), and Australian cities Brisbane (0.188) and Perth (0.143). 

Next up, Auckland (0.132) and Sydney (0.128) are joined by Montreal (0.127) and Melbourne (0.120), while Ottawa (0.109) and Toronto (0.104) round out our top ten. 

Which cities have the most cafés in total?

Reviewing café culture in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India, Aussie cities dominate, with Sydney and Melbourne each boasting over 600 coffee shops. In third, we’re staying Down Under, with Brisbane boasting 428, while Canada has a couple of mentions in the top five – Vancouver (326) and Toronto (306). 

Next up, Australia features again, with an astonishing 284 cafés in the nation’s Western capital Perth, ahead of India’s Bangalore (229) – the country’s top inclusion. Meanwhile, rounding out the top ten, Montreal (226), Mumbai (223), and Auckland (219) boast around 220 cafés each. 

Which rest-of-the-world cities sell the cheapest coffee?

We’ve looked at the café capitals of the world, but where abouts can you find the cheapest cup of coffee? 


Reviewing the cost of coffee in Australia, no city charges more than Perth. In fact, it costs an astonishing €5.35 per cup here, which makes Perth the only city to charge over €5. Next up, Sydney coffee costs €4.75, while Brisbane and Melbourne locals can expect to spend €3.33 and €3.28, respectively. 

New Zealand

You’d perhaps be forgiven for assuming New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, would sell the country’s most expensive coffee; however, it’s actually Auckland that tops the list, with a cup costing over €3.50. This is in contrast to Wellington’s €3.11!


Interestingly, coffee in Canada is relatively evenly priced wherever you go, with a difference of just over €0.50 between Ottawa (€3.91) and Montreal (€3.37). In between, we have Victoria (€3.86) and Vancouver (€3.80) behind the capital, while Quebec City (€3.58) and Toronto (€3.47) sell cheaper-than-average coffee. 


India produces over 200,000 tons of coffee each year, making it an industry powerhouse and the abundance of local produce is perhaps the reason for its low cost. In fact, a cup of coffee in Goa (€1.59), Bangalore (€2.13), Mumbai (€2.30), and New Delhi (€3.06) is cheaper than anywhere else on our list, which keeps our Indian Betway team happy! 

So, there we have it – the coffee capitals of the world, and the cheapest destinations for your daily fix! And if you’ve found this interesting, check out the Betway blog for even more insight from our team of experts.