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Roulette strategy 101: What is the Masse Égale betting system?

09 May | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Roulette strategy 101: What is the Masse Égale betting system?

If you avoid progression roulette staking plans, the Masse Égale is a good alternative. Read our guide to this simple betting system and find out more.

The Masse Égale (“equal amounts”) roulette system is a simple staking plan that is easy to utilise when you’re at the tables.

Instead of bets that increase or decrease depending on the situation, stakes in the Masse Égale remain the same throughout.

Let’s take a closer look at how the system works, and the pluses and minuses of using it at the tables. Remember, you can test out systems at our online roulette tables here at Betway Casino.

How the Masse Égale roulette system works

In most roulette staking plans, stakes change depending on the outcome of the last spin.

That’s where the Masse Égale differs. As the name suggests, the stake remains the same after every spin, regardless of the previous result.

So, you could theoretically go 20 winning spins in a row, starting at £1, but your stake would still be £1 at the end of the session.

Testing the Masse Égale staking plan at the table

In practice, the Masse Égale is pretty easy to implement. Instead of increasing and decreasing bets, your stakes remain flat throughout a session.

Because of the non-progressive element of the Masse Égale, most players using this strategy will stick to Straight Up numbers that pay 35/1 on the win. You can, however, use other inside bets like the split (two numbers) or street (three horizontal numbers).

In our table below, we are using a standard European Roulette table like you will find at Betway Casino. We are using £1 unit stakes.

In our examples, the £1 stake remains the same throughout, even though we lose our first nine spins. On the 10th spin, our number comes up and we bank £36. For one winning spin in 10 we have made a £25 profit.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Masse Égale plan

The major problem with a flat betting structure like the Masse Égale is that your stakes remain the same. In fact, you will need a lot of spins to get a chance at hitting a 35/1 winner.

After 37 spins, for example, the odds of losing are 36%. After 50 spins of the wheel, that drops to 25% but is still high. And if you up that to 75 spins, the chances of losing drop to 13%.

But if your stakes are flat, you will be spending a long time catching up on your losses.

The Masse Égale does work with players who have small bankrolls, however. Because your stakes never increase after a loss, as in negative progressions systems like the Martingale, you can eke out a budget much longer without going bust.

You can sometimes mix up the Masse Égale with another progressive system like the Martingale.

Start off with a flat betting structure for a rotation of 36 spins, then switch to a progression plan where your stakes are doubled after every loss.

You should also move to even-money bets here like red/black or odd/even.

Try the Masse Égale system for free at Betway Casino

There are always disadvantages to every roulette betting system. But with a flat staking plan like the Masse Égale, you can manage your budget better.

The beauty of the Masse Égale is that you are in control of your bets. A long downswing will never affect your stakes and you have a choice of inside and outside wagers.

Give this simple flat betting plan a try for free at Betway Casino today.