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Roulette strategy 101: What is the 666 betting system?

22 Jul | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Roulette strategy 101: What is the 666 betting system?

Are you looking for a cover-the-table system with a difference? The 666 roulette staking plan might help you conquer the Devil's Wheel.

The 666 system is an aggressive online roulette betting strategy but fairly low risk.

It is similar to the cover-the-field system where you bet on as many numbers as you can. By betting on so many numbers at once, the theory goes, the chances of making a small profit is greater.

But does the 666 roulette system hold up to scrutiny? Let’s explore this cover-all strategy a little closer.

How the 666 roulette system works

The nickname for a roulette wheel is the ‘Devil’s Wheel’. And there’s a good reason: all the numbers on a standard wheel add up to 666 – the number of the Beast.

You won’t be gambling on every single number with the 666 system, but it’s close. In fact, you bet on every number except for four.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s use a standard European Roulette table, as you will find in the Betway Casino roulette lobby. We’ll use unit stakes of £1.

Step 1: You place a bet of £36 on black or red. These are outside bets that pay 1/1 for a winner.

Step 2: Place £4 split bets on 12 numbers, as follows. Split bets pay 17/1.

£4 on 0 & 2
£4 on 8 & 11
£4 on 10 & 13
£4 on 17 & 20
£4 on 26 & 29
£4 on 28 & 31

Step 3: Now it’s time for the straight up bets. You pick 3 of the remaining 7 numbers and put £2 on each of them.


£2 on 22
£2 on 24
£2 on 35

Total stakes: £66

Playing the 666 staking plan at the table

Let’s see how the 666 system works in practice. In our example, we have 10 spins of the wheel, betting £66 per spin. We cover the Red at 1/1, six split bets at 17/1, and three straight up bets at 35/1.

We start off well with a winning red spin, and follow it up with two more winning outside bets.  We then hit two losers before snatching a straight up on 22 and another red.

Following a final loss on 15 Black, we hit two more winners, one of them on our split bet.

The problem is that the three losing spins decimated our bankroll. Even by hitting seven winners out of 10 spins (including one straight up number) we still ended up £156 in the red.  

Advantages and disadvantages of the 666 plan

Cover-all bets can be good in roulette as they give the player a chance to spread the risk around the table.

But systems like this carry a lot of risk. Firstly, you are required to bet a huge amount on every spin. And even if you win on the even-money bets, as in our example above, you’re not winning enough to make your money back.

If we hit six or seven of our split bets, we would have ended in profit. But it’s an expensive lesson to learn if we hit losing spins.  

If, for example, we had hit 10 winning spins in a row for £720 we would have made £60. And that’s clear profit from covering most of the numbers on the table.

The biggest problem with the 666 system is that the house edge is always against the player. A straight up bet, for example, pays 35/1. But the real odds are 37/1. As a player you are never receiving the true odds.

Try the 666 staking system for free today

The 666 plan is a nice system to test out if you enjoy spreading the risk when playing roulette.

Even if you keep hitting outside bets at 1/1, you will guarantee a small profit. It’s less risky than betting just on single numbers, and even just wagering on red or black.

Cover the table plans are fun to try with play credits. Give the system a try at the free play Betway roulette tables today.