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Ranking the UK’s top fry-ups

29 Nov | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Ranking the UK’s top fry-ups

Brits love brunch but new research reveals that the fry-up's not dead. Here are the 10 best places to get your fix.

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– Nearly 1 in 5 Brits revealed they would opt for a classic fry-up as their go-to breakfast meal

– Millennials also choose to tuck into the greasy breakfast food, while porridge placed second

– Trendy brunch favourites including avocado on toast and eggs Benedict also made the top 8

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what better way to kickstart the morning than with a classic fry-up? The full English breakfast is a British staple, usually consisting of bacon, sausage, fried eggs and baked beans, and it turns out it’s still a fan favourite despite our newfound love for a boujée brunch in recent years. 

The classic fry-up still reigns supreme when it comes to the nation’s favourite breakfast, with new research revealing that Brits would much rather indulge in a full English than they would usual brunch items like pancakes and avocado toast. 

According to a recent survey by Betway, respondents revealed that, instead of trendy alternatives, a classic fry-up is still a firm favourite amongst Brits. Beating the likes of scrambled eggs and avocado, nearly one in five Brits (19.25 per cent) chose a fry-up as their breakfast of choice, with 25-34 year olds (18.9 per cent) still opting for the traditional English cuisine. And while some participants clearly can’t get enough of the grease, a hearty bowl of warm porridge came in a close second (18.9 per cent). The survey, answered by 2010 participants, placed scrambled eggs third on the list, with 15.4 per cent of Brits choosing it as their go-to morning meal. Pancakes (8.4 per cent) and Eggs Benedict (6.4 per cent) completed the top five.

Which from the following would you most want for breakfast?

  1. Fry-up 19.25%
  2. Porridge 18.9%
  3. Scrambled eggs 15.4%
  4. Pancakes 8.4%
  5. Eggs Benedict 6.4%
  6. Yoghurt 5.7%
  7. French toast 5.4%
  8. Avocado on toast 5.3%

To mark a fry-up coming out on top, the team at Betway have taken a deep dive into the best spots to get your full English fix across the UK. Whether you’re in the mood for a hangover-curing greasy spoon or a trendier coffee shop spot, here are the 10 destinations that you can’t miss.

Measuring popularity by a unique index score – generated by the number of hashtags each location has racked up on Instagram, as well Google and Tripadvisor reviews, with the lower the overall index score the higher the ranking – cafes from London, Liverpool, Belfast and Glasgow were among the top ten across the UK. 

Located near Westminster Bridge in London, Regency Cafe – famous for its no frills interior and traditional English breakfast – is the ultimate breakfast heaven with an overall index score of 8, according to the research carried out by Betway

Belfast’s Harlem Cafe and London’s E Pellicci London followed with a joint index score of 15, while The Quarter located in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter placed third with 18. 

Serving up the best local breakfast produce in Birmingham, Grand Central Kitchen and Hylton came fourth as they achieved an index score of 19. Scottish spots The Edinburgh Larder in Edinburgh and The Wilson Street Pantry in Glasgow completed the top five with an index score of 22. 

Top 12 most popular spots for a fry–up in the UK (index score created using figures from Tripadvisor, Google and Instagram)