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The Most Tattooed Major League Fanbases

27 Nov | news | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
The Most Tattooed Major League Fanbases

Ever wondered which sporting fanbases are the most inked in team colors? We’ve revealed the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL teams who inspire the most tattoos.

Each week, hundreds of millions of sports fans tune in to watch their favorite teams and athletes, whether it’s the NFL, NBA, or English Premier League. 

However, some supporters are more fanatical than others, with thousands even going to the lengths of getting their team’s colors, logos, or players’ likenesses inked onto their skin! But which franchise has the most tattooed fans across all major leagues? We decided to investigate… 

Analyzing Google search data from the last 12 months, we’ve determined which teams have the biggest influence and ability to inspire tattoos! 

Which NFL teams inspire the most tattoos?

Taking top spot as the NFL franchise that inspires the most tattoos, we have a potentially surprising pick in the Dallas Cowboys, who, despite failing to reach a Super Bowl in almost 30 years, record 35,000 annual Google searches by fans wanting new ink. 

Next up, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rank second, with an astonishing 34,000 tattoo-related Google searches last year, while former Pats and Bucs QB and NFL legend Tom Brady tops the player chart with an additional 50,000. 

Meanwhile, in third and fourth, respectively, we have Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia Eagles (33,000) and Pittsburgh Steelers (32,000), who registered a combined 63,000 related searches by tattoo-friendly supporters. 

Rounding out the top five most-tattooed NFL fanbases, we have the New York Giants (31,000), while nearby neighbors the Pats (30,000) and Jets (29,000) just miss out!

At the other end of the table, however, Arizona Cardinals fans are least likely to get inked in NFL colors (10,000), along with those of the Cincinnati Bengals (11,000), Los Angeles Chargers (12,000), and Baltimore Ravens (12,000).

The football stars who inspire the most tattoos

When it comes to the NFL players who inspire the most tattoos, placing behind Tom Brady, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the subject of 45,000 searches last year. Meanwhile, teammate Travis Kelce ranks seventh with 27,000. 

Taking third, we have former Green Bay Packers and current New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers (42,000), followed by Rams and Vikings wide receivers Cooper Kupp (36,000) and Justin Jefferson (33,000). 

Missing out on a top five ranking position, Lamar Jackson (8,000), Odell Beckham Jr. (7,000), and Josh Allen (4,000) each recorded fewer than 10,000 tattoo-related searches. 

Which NBA teams inspire the most tattoos?

Ranking NBA teams according to how many fan-tattoos they inspire, it’s perhaps unsurprising that legendary franchise the Los Angeles Lakers take top spot with 33,000 related searches. 

Though, with an endless list of icons representing the Lakers over the years, from Kobe Bryant to LeBron James, supporters are spoilt for choice when searching for ink inspiration! 

Next up, the Golden State Warriors take second with 28,000 searches, perhaps thanks to the NBA dominance they’re currently enjoying, followed by the Chicago Bulls (24,000) and New York Knicks (24,000). Meanwhile, 2021 NBA champions the Milwaukee Bucks have the fifth-most tattooed fanbase, with a whopping 23,000 annual supporter searches. 

Flipping our table, the NBA supporters who are least likely to get a team tattoo include the Charlotte Hornets (13,000), Sacramento Kings (14,000), Orlando Magic (14,000), and Atlanta Hawks (14,000). 

The basketball stars who inspire the most tattoos

Ranking as the top inspiration for fans contemplating a new tattoo, we have the late legend Kobe Bryant, who is the subject of 88,000 curious Google searches each year. 

Following the former Lakers great, we have another Los Angeles icon in LeBron James (60,000), ahead of Warriors point guard Steph Curry (40,000). In fourth, Giannis Antetokounmpo recorded 39,000 tattoo-related Google searches over the last 12 months, while Kevin Durant completes our top five NBA athletes with 38,000. 

The NHL and MLB teams who inspire the most tattoos

We’ve looked at the NFL and NBA, but how about the hockey and baseball franchises who inspire fans to get new tattoos?

Which NHL teams inspire the most tattoos?

As far as the NHL is concerned, no supporters are more easily influenced than those of the New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs. In fact, each team was the subject of an incredible 26,000 tattoo-related Google searches last year. 

Next up, the Montreal Canadiens take third (25,000), ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins (24,000), while the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers round out our top five with 23,000 searches apiece. 

Which MLB teams inspire the most tattoos?

When it comes to major league baseball, there aren’t many teams who can top the New York Yankees for overall influence, and they star again when it comes to inspiring supporter tattoos. In fact, in the last year alone, there have been 35,000 Google searches for Yankee-related tattoo terms. 

In second, we have the Chicago Cubs, with 31,000 searches, ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers (29,000) and New York Mets (29,000), while the Boston Red Sox (28,000) and St. Louis Cardinals (28,000) complete our MLB top five.

Which athletes inspire the most tattoos?

We’ve looked at the four major leagues, but which sports icons and athletes around the world inspire the most supporters to get inked? 

Interestingly, ranking just behind Kobe Bryant, we have soccer megastars Cristiano Ronaldo (73,000) and Lionel Messi (62,000), with the latter currently spending some of his final playing years in the MLS. They rank ahead of tricky Brazilian soccer player Neymar (42,000) and World Cup winning Frenchman Kylian Mbappe (39,000). 

Virat Kohli (36,000) also stands out, taking gold as the top-performing cricket player, while Rafael Nadal (27,000) is tennis’ top inspiration – ahead of Djokovic (26,000), Federer (25,000), and Serena Williams (22,000).

So, there we have it – the major league supporters who are most likely to get tatted in team colors! Of course, with the likes of the Super Bowl and NBA Finals next year potentially crowning a new name, who knows how our ranking will look next season? In the meantime, discover all the latest sports betting odds and picks for your favorite teams.