National anthem length: Over 111.5 seconds

It’s a difficult year for national anthem bettors, with just one previous Gladys Knight performance to go on.

‘The Empress of Soul’ rattled through The Star Spangled Banner in about a minute and 35 seconds back in 1991, but will surely milk it more on the biggest stage of them all.

The national anthem has run for over 111.5 seconds in each of the past six years, so taking the Over is the right move on Sunday.

Gladys Knight to forget the words: Yes

It’s unlikely to happen, but a botched national anthem is always fun to root for.

Gladys is a seasoned pro, but the Super Bowl is a huge occasion that can get to even the most experienced artists. Just ask Christina Aguilera.


Maroon 5 first song of halftime show: What Lovers Do 

This could finally be the year I nail this market.

Justin Timberlake opened with a song from his most recent album last year, and Maroon 5 look a good bet to kick off in similar fashion with a track from 2017’s Red Pill Blues.

Double-platinum single What Lovers Do was the group’s opener throughout their recent US tour, and has the kind of catchy opening riff that you can easily imagine starting the show.

Maroon 5 last song of halftime show: Moves Like Jagger 

Sugar tops the betting to be the last song on Sunday night, but that doesn’t really feel like a traditional Super Bowl big finish.

Artists tend to close with an up-tempo banger. Lady Gaga’s last song in 2017 was Bad Romance, while Justin Timberlake finished with Can’t Stop the Feeling! last year.

Moves Like Jagger fits the bill.


Colour of Gatorade shower: Clear

We’ve been given some intel on this one, with Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley confirming on Twitter that ‘Ice Punch’ – which is clear in colour – is his team’s Gatorade flavour of choice.

The Patriots also opted for clear Gatorade when they won Superbowl XXXIX in 2005, so there’s only one way to go here.

Will Donald Trump congratulate the winning team on Twitter? No

The POTUS loves tweeting about the NFL, usually to highlight falling ratings or criticise players for protesting during the national anthem.

His ties to Patriots owner Robert Kraft mean there’s a decent chance he’ll send a congratulatory tweet if New England triumph on Sunday night, particularly as he sent one when they won the AFC Championship in January.

He’s only ever congratulated one team for winning the Super Bowl, though – the Philadelphia Eagles last year – and has probably got more important things to worry about after the recent government shutdown. Probably.

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