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Luck on your side

21 Sep | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Luck on your side

A recovery performance is needed from the Indianapolis Colts, who take on a formidable-looking New York Jets on Monday

Well, that was unexpected.

Fans and commentators alike were licking their lips at the prospect of seeing the Colts’ star quarterback Andrew Luck strut his stuff on Monday Night Football last week.

Instead, it turned out to be a chastening experience for a player who managed a shade under 300 yards a game with the pigskin last season, as they were expertly shut down by a rampaging Buffalo Bills team.

Even more worrying was the fact that Indianapolis didn’t even manage to get any points on the board until the last minute of the third quarter.

From being playoff favourites pre-season, any more slip-ups on Monday will see them at 0-2 and all the early pressure that brings.

Some blame must be laid at the door of the Colts’ defensive staff, who apparently failed to see the threat the Bills posed after hiring former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

His irrepressible style clearly rubbed off on his players and untested QB Tyrod Taylor combined expertly with a player Ryan had coached last year at the Jets, wide receiver Percy Harvin, for a 51-yard touchdown run in the first half.

A recovery performance is needed and, as irony would have it, the Indianapolis Colts’ next opponent are the New York Jets.

Far from being a reduced force since their aforementioned head coach Ryan left, they looked just as formidable as ever against the Browns in their opener.

The Colts will need the security of the Lukoil stadium if they are to pull this off as they have won seven of their last home games.

They are 5/16 for the win here, while the Jets are 13/5.

A home advantage only lasts with harmony, however, and Indianapolis seem to be doing their best to ruin that behind the scenes, according to recent reports.

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is at loggerheads with general manager Ryan Grigson and on the verge of losing his job in a row over his involvement in ‘personnel decisions’.

Considering Pagano is a fan and player favourite, as well as holding a 33-15 record in his three previous seasons, it is a bizarre turn of events.

If the Colts want to start winning again, the situation cannot be allowed to fester.

Otherwise one of the finest quarterbacks of his generation will be wasted.

Don’t leave it to Luck.

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