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Have the Broncos become armless?

17 Sep | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Have the Broncos become armless?

The match against the Chiefs this week will truly show if Peyton Manning is in real trouble

It has been a very long time since the Kansas City Chiefs were favourites over the Denver Broncos.

But that is the situation facing Peyton Manning as these AFC West rivals clash in the week’s early game on Thursday.

The Broncos are 29/20 and the Chiefs are 10/17.

And that is mainly down to him.

Many grew up watching Manning’s metronomic, golden arm fire balls with the perfect spiral into the waiting arms of Indianapolis Colts and then Denver Broncos receivers.

At the end of last season, he seemed to be struggling to generate the same power, but even the harshest of critics would have struggled to declare his decision to stay on another year as their starting QB as foolish.

And yet, despite it being only the first game, there was something off about the greater Manning brother against the Ravens.

It speaks volumes that the Hall of Fame quarterback’s only touchdown pass in their 19-13 win was against his own team as an interception.

Added in to his final five weeks at the end of last season – where he threw four touchdown passes but six interceptions – it feels like Father Time has come calling.

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What can be done about it?

Well, a niggling back injury has not done him any favours, but Manning has proved before that he has the ability to come back from even the darkest depths.

Many previously believed him to be finished after he went under the knife three separate times for neck operations in 2010 and 2011.

Yet he came back to average 44 touchdown passes and over a 107 quarterback ratings in the three seasons since.

If he needs any encouragement, he only has to open his own record book.

He will also need his team to back him up.

Focus may be on Manning for the game, but the Chiefs will more than play their part – especially as fancied winners.

Alex Smith, who shone with three touchdown passes before halftime over a strong Texans defence at the weekend, will want to show Manning how it is done.

It is 10/11 for Kansas City to have scored over 11.5 points by the halfway mark.

Will we see a phoenix-rising performance like so many times before, or a further step back?

Keep your eyes glued on this one, folks – it is going to be a stormer.

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