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Falcons at Saints could go big either way

14 Oct | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Falcons at Saints could go big either way

Atlanta's decision to replace head coach Mike Smith with Seahawks’ defensive coordinator Dan Quinn appears to have been a masterstroke

Hoo boy. This one has got ‘trouncing’ written all over it.

And let’s be honest here, who saw this coming?

The Atlanta Falcons are 5-0.

The Atlanta Falcons. A team with a combined 10-22 record for the previous two seasons who, at one point in 2014, lost five straight games.

When owner Arthur Blank announced he was replacing head coach Mike Smith with the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator Dan Quinn in the off-season, many wondered if he had made the right call.

Looking back now, it may well have been a masterstroke – no wonder they’re 5/9 to win on Thursday.

So, a team expected to struggle before the season started have thrown all predictions out the window and are performing miles above expectation?

That’s the sort of turnaround NFL fans love.

How about a team with high expectations that are woefully underperforming? We’ve got that, too.

Step forward the New Orleans Saints.

As they lined up against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday – with both teams 1-3 – fans could be forgiven for their disbelief.

This is a team used to see-saw seasons.

In 2012, they went 7-9. In 2013, they rallied to 11-5. Last season, they were back to 7-9.

With their Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees, strong running backs and a convincing win against the Dallas Cowboys the week before in the locker, now was the time they would turn it around.

Or not.

They lost 39-17 in a fashion which swept away all of the confidence and light at the end of the tunnel, signposted before the game.

It now remains to be seen whether they will manage to pull themselves together to put up any resistance in the short turnaround to face the Falcons.

The Saints are 6/4 to win for a reason. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Atlanta smell blood.

A siege mentality is needed. Sean Payton needs his team as a unit if they are to compete.

The defence needs to come out solid. If they can, it can be a tight game.

It’s 10/11 for the Saints to keep the game under 51 total points, which is the very least what they should be aiming for.

If they can’t keep it tight, then the Falcons to score over 27.5 points at 20/21 looks a very good bet.

Hang on to your hats, folks – this could go big either way.

Expect the Falcons to be 6-0 on Friday morning.

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

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