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At Home With: Norwich striker Teemu Pukki

21 Apr | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
At Home With: Norwich striker Teemu Pukki

In the latest entry of our series, Norwich striker Teemu Pukki discusses how he’s been spending his time at home since the Premier League season was put on hold.

Since the Premier League season was put on hold, the Partnerships team at Norwich City have been working hard to ensure their valued club partners remain engaged and up-to-date with the club’s situation.

Last week, alongside other club partners, Betway exclusively found out how Teemu Pukki is getting on with life outside of football.

How are you continuing to do your job despite working from home?

These are really weird times that we are living in at the moment.

At least I can spend more time with my wife and my little girl. They are really happy that I can spend some more time with them than I normally do.

What sort of work are you doing given we don’t know when the football will return?

We still need to do some training and keep ourselves fit.

Nobody knows when will be the day that we need to be back again, so we obviously need to keep ourselves going. We have had some help from the club so that we can do that.

How are you keeping in contact with players and staff?

We had a yoga class together on the Zoom app last weekend and there have been some other calls as well.

I have also been exercising alone in the neighbourhood where I’m living.

How are you using this time to hone your skills?

We get a programme from the club – the guys who are in charge of that have been helping us.

I think in the future we will do some gym exercises and bike exercises together as well.{QUOTE}

What’s the thing you miss most about football?

Euro 2020 was something that I was obviously really looking forward to playing in with Finland this summer.

I just hope that I can have a similar season to this one so that I can have the confidence to go to the Euros next summer. I really want to be fit and be part of the team there.

But there are more important things than football and I think it was a good decision to move it.

How are you passing the time without any football/sport to watch?

I am generally with my family, as when we eventually get back to playing again a lot of our time will be away from home.

Any TV shows/films/books you’d recommend?

We’re often watching TV shows like Peppa Pig with my daughter. When our TV is on it’s usually a TV show for kids who are two years old.

Me and my wife have a couple of hours per day when we can actually watch some of our shows.

We have just finished La Casa de Papel, which is Money Heist in English. It’s a Spanish TV show on Netflix. I highly recommend that one.

Have you discovered any new interests or hobbies since the football stopped?

Not really. I know that Todd Cantwell has been playing a lot of FIFA, but I haven’t touched the PlayStation in a long time. I’m too old for that.

Have there been any positives that have come from the football stopping?

When we are playing and training you spend a lot of time away from home, so now it’s important for me to spend this time with the family and try to enjoy every moment with them.

What has the break made you realise you love most about football?

Since I was a small kid this was the only sport I was interested in, probably because my dad used to play as well.

I was never interested in any other sport, so I can’t wait to play again.