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Never in a Million Windows

02 Jul | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Never in a Million Windows

Five Players who definitely won’t move this Summer

Gareth Bale

Linked clubs: Chelsea, Manchester United, PSG

The Premier League season had scarcely finished before the papers and websites were seeking out this summer’s ‘transfer saga’. With the attention-grabbing headlines of Gareth Bale’s treatment by Real Madrid fans dominating the previous few months, there seemed no more ‘logical’ place to start. The experiment had clearly failed. Bale couldn’t handle the heat in Madrid and was surely on his way back to England, tail between his legs. Right?

The fact that those rumours, which dominated the back pages for weeks, have vastly quietened recently shows the tenuousness that they possessed from the start. The player that commanded a reported world-record transfer fee of around £85million, is still only 25-years-old and contributed three goals in three finals to be let go after only two seasons? There were raised eyebrows throughout England at the prospect. Real Madrid fans are notoriously hard to please, and even the now beloved Cristiano Ronaldo suffered the same treatment in his second season. As Bale himself said recently, “I’m a Real Madrid player and I’ll carry on as normal”. The story will continue though, even though the transfer simply won’t happen.

Arturo Vidal

Linked clubs: Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid

For the last season and a half, the rumour mill has been rumbling with stories of Arturo Vidal. Man United, Arsenal, Man City, PSG, there was barely a club that the Juventus midfielder wasn’t linked with, and the constant drone of fanciful links created a barely disguised eye-roll from all but the most determined fans. This summer looked like make or break for the transfer, but Juve’s run in the Champions League, as well as Vidal’s fourth Scudetto title in as many years has raised the stature of the Chile international. As a result, midfield sales this summer for The Old Lady will be a choice between Paul Pogba or Vidal, especially with the arrival of Sami Khedira. Since he’s worth far more at the current market rate, it therefore seems certain that the Frenchman will be the one to leave, with Vidal being retained to partner Khedira in the centre of the park.

Angel Di Maria

Linked clubs: Barcelona, PSG

What a difference a year makes. Things looked so promising for the £59 million man during his first appearances in the red of Manchester. After a Champions League-winning for Real Madrid, here he was terrorising defenders in the Premier League. But the bottom dropped out fast, with injuries and suspensions meaning he finished the season with just three goals and ten assists, as well as collecting £1.6million in wages. The low point was surely being sent off in the FA Cup tie with Arsenal for grabbing the referee, his frustration at how his season had fallen apart boiling over.

And guess what? The stories started. Di Maria was off. The flop was being offloaded. Sometimes they got more intricate. In some versions Van Gaal was going to do a straight swap with PSG for Edinson Cavani, or that Barcelona were willing to break the bank. The mind boggles.

Let’s examine the facts. Agreed, United fans may feel that they have not seen the best of Di Maria in his first season, similarly to how Mesut Ozil struggled in his first season at Arsenal. But injuries are an unfortunate but unavoidable part of football, as is the mental side – which many fail to appreciate.

On Saturday 31st January, burglars smashed in the door to Di Maria’s house and then fled after the alarms went off. According to reports, Di Maria’s wife was distraught, which led to them selling the property. Ironically, this led to the majority of the transfer rumours, as the sale of the house must mean an imminent move, right? After rehabilitation and a good showing in the Copa America, the rumours have died right down, once again exposing their true value. And let’s be serious, there was never any way the third richest football club in the world were going to ship out their club record signing after just one season.

Kevin De Bruyne

Linked clubs: Manchester City

One that many thought might have life to it for a while, mainly because of the talent of the player. After a barnstorming Bundesliga season where he scored 16 goals and picked up 28 assists, Kevin De Bruyne is the youth player that many European clubs were after, particularly Manchester City – who apparently made him a big priority. Unfortunately for City and plenty of others, there was never any doubt that De Bruyne would be staying at Wolfsburg.

They had only signed the Belgium international in January of last year, with a contract that runs until 2019 with an improved one being discussed, and showed no intention of selling. In fact, they were vehemently against selling, journalist Paul Doyle describing it as ‘waving their fists at City and telling them where to go’. Their faith in him has paid off and neither the player nor the club appear to have any desire to break up the partnership. Manchester City may have very deep pockets, but if transfer windows have shown anything – it’s that money isn’t everything.

Harry Kane

Linked clubs: Manchester United

Sometimes, the death of a transfer is not just down to timing, or circumstance, or money. Sometimes it’s simply down to the player’s commitment. In a cynical era where Raheem Sterling et al will apparently try and engineer a move for cash and Champions League football, it is refreshing to see a talented player who has no intention of moving simply because he loves the club he is at. One-club-players are rare, but Harry Kane seems as close as this generation will get.

Rumours were swirling around the start of June that Manchester United were interested in Spurs’ newly talismanic player, for around a £40million fee. Safe to say, the very idea of breakout star, Harry ‘one of our own’ Kane moving to one of their biggest rivals incensed Tottenham fans. Many were confused why such a clearly committed player would move. And that was the key. The boy was not for turning. A week later, as plenty predicted, Kane calmly stated that he was ‘already at a big club’ and there wasn’t the slightest chance of a move. For once, money didn’t talk. For once, a fan favourite stayed where the fans loved him. Rare, but heartening.