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How to Enjoy Euro 2024 in Düsseldorf

20 May | news | BY Betway Insider | MIN READ TIME |
How to Enjoy Euro 2024 in Düsseldorf

One of Germany’s main host cities for Euro 2024, Düsseldorf is brimming with exciting things for fans to do. Learn more about this city with our detailed guide.

When it comes to the big sporting events of this summer, few things are going to be more prominent on every football fan’s calendar than Euro 2024! And this year’s tournament is set to be a showstopper, with Europe’s best international teams once again preparing to face off against each other to decide who’s best at the beautiful game.

And of course, nothing quite compares to attending such high-energy events in person – which is why we’ve created this detailed guide for anyone heading to Düsseldorf for Euro 2024.

With tips on all the best things to do in Düsseldorf, including how to get to the city from the airport to the top places to eat and enjoy the dedicated Euro fan zone, we’ve covered everything you need to know about visiting this famous German city as part of our complete Euro 2024 guide. Alternatively, explore all the latest Euro 2024 odds.

In this Düsseldorf guide we’ll cover:

·        Which Euro 2024 matches are being held in Düsseldorf?

·        Visiting Düsseldorf’s Merkur Spiel-Arena

·        Where is the Euro 2024 fan zone in Düsseldorf?

·        How to get from Düsseldorf airport to the city centre

·        Where to stay in Düsseldorf for Euro 2024

·        How to travel around Düsseldorf

·        Where to eat in Düsseldorf

·        Düsseldorf’s most picturesque photo spots

·        The best day trips from Düsseldorf

·        Final things to know before visiting Düsseldorf for the Euros

·        Explore the other Euro 2024 host cities

Which Euro 2024 matches are being held in Düsseldorf?

Although Düsseldorf won’t be hosting the final games of the tournament, that’s not to say that the 5 matches being hosted in this venue from June 17th to July 6th won’t be some truly nail-biting affairs – especially when you consider that Düsseldorf is the location for one of the quarter-final playoffs!

But alongside this final game, matches in Düsseldorf’s arena will also include 3 group games featuring fan-favourite teams like France and Italy, as well as recent qualifiers like Albania and Ukraine. Not only that but Düsseldorf will also host 1 round 16 game for the second-place teams of groups D and E.

The Euro 2024 fixtures in Düsseldorf include:

Visiting Düsseldorf’s Merkur Spiel-Arena

Nestled snuggly along the Rhine River, Düsseldorf’s Merkur Spiel-Arena is the home of local team, Fortuna Düsseldorf, and has an enviable seating capacity of 54,600 fans. It’s little wonder it’s on many football fans’ lists of things to do in Düsseldorf!

Only 8km away from the centre of Düsseldorf, a 25-minute journey on public transport, this modern stadium is placed right on top of Düsseldorf’s U-Bahn network.

How to get to the Merkur Spiel-Arena

Anyone looking to find the quickest way to the Merkur Spiel-Arena should look to take Düsseldorf’s U-Bahn 78 line, which will take you all the way from the centre of the city right to the stadium itself, as the Merkur Spiel-Arena has its very own stop on the line!

Where to park at the Merkur Spiel-Arena

Unlike many other host stadiums for Euro 2024, parking is available in the Merkur Spiel-Arena, but only for ticket holders who have booked passes in advance. These passes cost €24 per car and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis – there will be no passes sold in person on game day.

Parking opens 5 hours before kick-off and closes 1.5 hours after the end of each game, giving you plenty of time to get to and from your vehicle, though please do bear in mind that traffic will be extremely busy on match days, so be sure to leave yourself plenty of travel time either side of matches.

Alternatively, if you aren’t able to purchase a parking pass, then you can park in one of the many parking areas close to the stadium, many of which are within a 10-minute walk of the venue.

Merkur Spiel-Arena history

Built almost exactly on the same grounds as Düsseldorf’s previous football arena, the Rheinstadion, construction on the Merkur Spiel-Arena was completed in 2004. It was marked as being one of the very first football stadiums to feature a mesh wrapping design for a fully rectangular shape. But that’s not all this venue has going for it.

Home to both a hotel and its very own station, the Merkur Spiel-Arena is perhaps the most accessible stadium out of all Euro 2024 host venues. But this sadly wasn’t enough to land it a hosting spot for the 2006 World Cup.

However, since then, the Merkur Spiel-Arena has taken on the role of one of Germany’s most renowned sporting locations, facilitating plenty of international games, American football events, and even the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 – not to mention the incredible number of concerts held in the stadium on a regular basis.

Best Merkur Spiel-Arena selfie spots

As much as a trip to the Euros is all about seeing those stunning goals and unrivalled feats of teamwork, there’s naturally plenty of time before and after matches to snap those essential pre- and post-match Düsseldorf selfies.

Whether that’s an angled shot beneath the arena’s iconic wrapping or a celebratory photo from atop the stands, we pulled together a list of the best locations in the Merkur Spiel-Arena for those in search of those Instagram worthy photos:

·        Beneath the wrapping: The stadium’s defining architectural feat, the wrapping that coats the entirety of the Merkur Spiel-Arena is the ideal backdrop for anyone looking to take a quick selfie before entering the arena.

·        Up the stairs: There are plenty of stairs running up to the entrance of the Merkur Spiel-Arena, a photo from the bottom of which gives you the perfect opportunity to take a photo with the stadium angled high as your background.

·        Around the hospitality section: if you’re lucky enough to get a seat in or near one of the stadium’s many boxes, you’ll be presented with an unrivalled view of the pitch itself, capturing the entire field in one shot.

Finally, you don’t want to miss taking a second to snap a photo of you and your group right before kick-off to create a lasting memory of such an exciting (and hopefully victorious) event!

Refreshments at the Merkur Spiel-Arena

A key part of any matchday, fans visiting Düsseldorf’s Merkur Spiel-Arena are going to have to prepare for a relatively expensive experience. Most soft drinks cost upwards of €4.90 while a bratwurst is €4.10.

However, fans will be pleased to know that the arena is ahead of most other Euro 2024 venues when it comes to availability of food throughout the stadium. Though there are just 31 stands onsite, this equates to a stall per 1,613 attendees – behind only Dortmund (396), Leipzig (1,028), and Hamburg (1,609).

Merkur Spiel-Arena rules

While the main goal of the Euros is to have fun and unwind with some fantastic football, the Merkur Spiel Arena has a few rules that you’ll need to be aware of while in the stadium. Here are the most important ones to be aware of during Euro 2024:

·        Bags: Any bag you want to bring into the arena must be no bigger than an A4 piece of paper in size, while any larger bags will need to be left in your accommodation or car.

·        Power banks: Small power banks are permitted in the stadium, but they can be no bigger than the size of your phone.

·        ID: Always make sure you have a valid form of ID on you when attending the Merkur Spiel-Arena.

·        Cameras: Professional cameras are not allowed within the Merkur Spiel-Arena.

·        Smoking: All Euro 2024 stadiums operate on a no-smoking policy, which includes a ban on e-cigarettes.

·        Flags: Flags are allowed within the arena provided their pole is no larger than 1 metre in length and any flags are 2m x 1.5m in size or smaller.

Where is the Euro 2024 fan zone in Düsseldorf

Alongside the tournament, every German host city is also taking part in the Euro 2024 festival, each having its own designated fan zone where football enthusiasts can gather to eat, drink, and watch games.

So, if Düsseldorf is your chosen destination, then you’ll want to head to Fan Zone Burgplatz or Schauspielhaus to get involved in the festivities once you arrive.

How to get to the Euro 2024 fan zone in Düsseldorf

Getting to either of Düsseldorf’s fan zones is incredibly easy thanks to the local public transport network. For those heading to Burgplatz, simply hop on U-Bahn lines 75 or 76 from the city centre and exit at D-Heinrich-Heine-Allee U. From here, the fan zone is a 5-minute walk away.

Alternatively, if you’re heading to Schauspielhaus, take a 5-minute walk from the centre to D-Steinstraße U and board the 701 tram to D-Schadowstraße U. It’s then a short walk to the fan area.

Düsseldorf Euro 2024 fan zone entry requirements

There’s plenty going on in Düsseldorf’s various fan zones, and entry to either site and the viewing area is completely free for the entirety of the tournament, meaning you can enjoy everything that Düsseldorf’s fan zones have to offer without spending extra cash.

Düsseldorf Euro 2024 fan zone activities

Football fans are in for a real treat if they pick Düsseldorf as their destination of choice for Euro 2024! From live music to football-inspired entertainment, there’s something happening in these areas every single day.

For entertainment of all kinds, along with plenty of fantastic food options, you’ll want to head to the Burgplatz zone, while anyone interested in seeing the play “Faith. Love. Football” – which is only running while the Euros is on – will need to visit the fan zone in Schauspielhaus.

And, naturally, all of the Euro matches are going to be streamed on the screens within the Burgplatz zone, so you’ll never miss a vital game even if you didn’t manage to grab a ticket.

Other places to watch Euro 2024 in Düsseldorf

Although the Merkur Spiel-Arena is the ideal destination to watch any or all of Düsseldorf’s Euro matches, fans visiting Düsseldorf who may not have tickets can still catch a lot of the action in the Rheinufer public viewing area, which will be showing all German, Düsseldorf, and knockout matches.

Of course, if you’re looking for a spot to watch the football that also serves food and drinks directly, then you’ll almost certainly be able to catch ongoing games at any of Düsseldorf’s most popular sports bars, such as the following:

·        LiVE SPORTSBAR (4.5-rated on Google, from 94 reviews)

·        Fox (4.3-rated on Google, from 132 reviews)

·        Mutt’s (4.5-rated on Google, from 369 reviews)

How to get from Düsseldorf airport to the city centre

Düsseldorf is home to the third largest airport in Germany, so it’s a safe bet that you’ll be landing here to start your Euro 2024 adventure. Only 15 minutes away from the city centre, the most efficient transportation options from Düsseldorf Airport include the options below:

·        S-Bahn: Boasting a direct connection to Düsseldorf’s centre, visitors can take the S11 S-Bahn train straight to the central station.

·        Bus: For a cheaper alternative, there are several bus services that also run from Düsseldorf Airport, with the 721 service being the most direct route to the centre.

·        Taxi: If public transportation is not something you fancy after your flight, then you can order a pre-booked taxi, UBER, or BOLT to take you straight from the airport to your accommodation. Much like UBER and BOLT, German taxi fares are fixed rates, making price calculations for your journey simple.

Where is the best area to stay in Düsseldorf for Euro 2024?

A huge part of travelling to any location abroad is knowing where to stay to get the most out of your trip, and as Germany’s sixth largest city, you certainly have plenty of accommodation options to choose from when in Düsseldorf.

With a variety of districts available, each of which brings a distinctly different sense of the local culture straight to your door, we’ve explored where to stay in Düsseldorf depending on what you want from your trip.


Stockum is the district closest to the Merkur Spiel-Arena. Quiet and well away from the busy streets of the city centre, there are plenty of hotel options available in this zone, including the stadium itself – putting you right at the heart of the game day action.


One of the most popular areas to stay for any Düsseldorf tourist, Altstadt is centrally located and has excellent links to the rest of Düsseldorf through the local public transport network. Housing many of Düsseldorf’s famous landmarks and museums, and being very close to the Burgplatz fan zone, it’s ideal for anyone wanting to sightsee on the side.


This well-known river district is widely seen as the heart of Düsseldorf’s nightlife, with contemporary buildings hiding many a nightclub and bar. There is also a whole range of luxury apartments and hotels to stay in, which might be your preferred option if you have a little extra cash to spend.


A stone’s throw away from Düsseldorf Central Station, Oberbilk has a far more laid-back atmosphere than many other districts in Düsseldorf. Accommodation prices are relatively cheap and the connections right outside your doorstep put you in the perfect spot to take a day trip out of the city on the days between matches.


If you want to be right in the heart of the fan zone, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Burgplatz itself has hotels and apartments available that cater to budgets of varying sizes. Placed in the best spot for access around Düsseldorf, it won’t take you long to get to the stadium or centre from here.

How to travel around Düsseldorf

While the Germans are known for many great innovations, nowhere is their ingenuity and efficiency on better display than with their public transportation network. Well-laid out and joining all areas of the city together, we’ve outlined the main ways you can get around below:

·        Bus: Readily available across all points of the city, Düsseldorf’s bus network can take you anywhere you need to go thanks to its regularly placed stations.

·        S-Bahn: Operating Düsseldorf’s above-ground rail service, the S-Bahn is your best option when travelling from the airport or long distances across or out of the city.

·        U-Bahn: An underground alternative to the S-Bahn, the U-Bahn runs in a similar way to the London Underground, with plenty of stations spaced out throughout Düsseldorf to facilitate quick travel at a moment’s notice.

·        Tram: If you’re interested in some of Düsseldorf’s more modest travel options, the city’s thriving tram network is right at your fingertips and ready to be used.

·        Cycling: Although Düsseldorf is a thriving metropolitan area, that’s not to say it isn’t bike-friendly – quite the opposite in fact. Düsseldorf is home to many different cycling routes, each of which makes for a healthy and eco-friendly way to get around the city.

·        E-Scooter: For a fun and fast-paced transportation alternative, why not take one of Düsseldorf’s many public e-scooters for a spin? Just make sure you leave them in one of the designated drop-off zones when you arrive at your destination.

Of course, at the end of the day if you don’t mind a bit of a stroll to your next destination then it’s perfectly feasible to walk throughout the whole of Düsseldorf, as almost all of its streets are tailored to be pedestrian-friendly.

Düsseldorf public transport tips and tricks

Getting the most out of your travel options is going to be crucial for making sure you see everything you want to during your stay in Düsseldorf, which is why we’ve highlighted a few extra tips and tricks to make using the German public transport network as easy as possible:

·        Rheinbahn App: By far the best way to purchase tickets for travel, the Rheinbahn App will automatically calculate fare costs if you’re changing travel zones and save you needing a physical ticket by providing you with a virtual one instead.

·        Travel pass: As a matchday ticket holder, you automatically get access to a 36-hour free travel pass on all VRR and VRS networks. Your ticket will activate from 6am matchday to 6pm the following day, granting your quick and easy use of all local transportation services under this umbrella.

·        Validate your ticket: If you’re travelling on the U-Bahn or S-Bahn, do bear in mind that you will need to validate your ticket before boarding the train. This can be done at any of the red or yellow validation machines at each station.

The best places to eat in Düsseldorf

Just because you’re a sports fan, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a foodie as well, and if you love eating out, then Düsseldorf has all your culinary needs covered. From local delicacies to niche cuisines, this city’s restaurants have something for every palate.

However, visitors to Düsseldorf should be aware that food in the city can get somewhat expensive, with the cost of a lunchtime meal being anywhere from €15 to €25, depending on where you eat.

Therefore, in order to save you time hunting down a reasonably priced restaurant that sits within your budget, we’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you by picking several highly rated eateries in Düsseldorf for various popular cuisines:

·        German: Located slightly out from Düsseldorf’s centre, Restaurant Vossen serves classic German dishes like schnitzels and soused herring in an old-school-styled setting. Including a tiled bar and terrace, Restaurant Vossen has a rating of 4.7 from 1,400+ reviews.

·        Italian: Few foods hit the spot quite like a hearty pizza, so if that’s what your tastebuds are feeling, then Pizzeria Pinocchio is for you. Offering stone bake pizzas in a cave-like setting, this restaurant has a Google rating of 4.4 from 1,500+ reviews.

·        Greek: If you have a hankering for Greek food during your stay, then you will have to travel a slight distance to reach the Taverne Pegasos, but this is well worth it for the food from this highly-rated restaurant. Cooking traditional Greek food in a social setting, Taverne Pegasos has a rating of 4.3 on Google from 936 reviews.

·        Burgers: Not in the mood for a specific cuisine? Then head on down to What’s Beef for some of the best burgers Düsseldorf has to offer. With a rating of 4.5 from 5,400+ reviews, i’’s widely cited as one of the best burger restaurants in the city.

·        Vietnamese: Last, but not least, for some exceptional Asian dishes, you’ll want to try To1980 – Vietnamese Street Food. Holding a rating of 4.5 from 1,300+ reviews, this restaurant offers outdoor seating and an easygoing atmosphere.

The best döner kebabs in Düsseldorf

While it’s always nice to put some time aside for a meal out, sometimes, all that’s really needed to hit the spot is a classic takeaway. And the good news is that, when it comes to döner kebabs, Düsseldorf is brimming with options.

Of course, this could leave you scratching your head at where exactly to order from, which is why we’ve gone ahead and created a list of some of the best kebab eateries in the city:

·        Haus des Döners: 4.1-rated on Google, from 830 reviews

·        Yede-Gör: 4.3-rated on Google, from 733 reviews

·        Dene & Gör: 4.4-rated on Google, from 806 reviews

·        Döner Kebap Am Spichernplatz: 4.7-rated on Google, from 806 reviews

·        Palace of Kebap: 4.4-rated on Google, from 1,600+ reviews

·        Döner Times: 4.3-rated on Google, from 649 reviews

Düsseldorf’s most picturesque photo spots

Although a large portion of your time in Düsseldorf is going to be spent watching whichever match is taking place on a given day, there’s still going to be plenty of time for you to take in the sights of the city.

So, if you’ve spare time, and wondering what to do in Düsseldorf, read on to explore everything from architectural wonders to the ancient buildings that call the Old Town home. There are countless great places to stop and take a photo within this historic city. Below are just some of our favourite spots:

·        The Gehry Buildings: Located within Düsseldorf’s harbour, the Gehry Buildings are some of the most iconic structures in the entire city! Shaped to resemble different aspects of ships, they’re one of the best things to see in Düsseldorf, for anyone interested in architecture.

·        Medienhafen: Seamlessly blending together old and modern buildings into one space, Medienhafen is another popular photo spot for architecture lovers. If you plan to stop by and take a picture here, we highly recommend doing so from either in front of the art palace or along the waterfront.

·        Königsallee: One of Düsseldorf’s high-end shopping districts, the Königsallee has been described by many visitors as one of the most picturesque locations in the city, making it a great photo opportunity for anyone window shopping in this area.

·        Hofgarten: The first and oldest public garden in Germany, this greenspace dates back to its opening in 1769. Filled with lush vegetation and blooming displays, it can make for a relaxing spot to take a break as you walk the city streets.

·        K21 – In Orbit Installation: An enormous and surreal installation, its mesh frame design evokes a unique ariel landscape, drawing on inspiration from cloud formations and spiderwebs to create a wholly unique backdrop.

The best day trips from Düsseldorf

If you’re treating your trip to Euro 2024 in Düsseldorf as a full holiday, then you’ll naturally want to step outside of the city and see what activities the local area has to offer. Fortunately, there are plenty of nearby day trips that you partake in. Of which, some of the best day trips from Düsseldorf include:

·        Cologne: Düsseldorf’s close neighbour, and another key host city for Euro 2024, Cologne is just 25 minutes away via train and has plenty to see and do, including visiting its famous cathedral – Germany’s most visited attraction. If you’re struggling with what to do in Düsseldorf, this is always an excellent shout for a quick and easy day trip!

·        Neanderlandsteig: Even though Düsseldorf is a busy city, the surrounding area is covered in beautiful farmland and forests that are ideal for hiking through. The Neanderlandsteig is one of the largest and most popular, with many routes making up its network. To get here, you’ll need to take a 30-minute train to Kreis Mettmann, where many trails begin.

·        Duisburg: Only 15 minutes outside of Düsseldorf by train, the Duisburg was the industrial hub of the Ruhr area though many of its old factories and plants are no longer in use. But rather than leave these sites to rust, locals have converted the entire complex into a recreational area that lets you explore these incredible structures at your leisure.

·        Essen: Another beautiful city, Essen takes 30 minutes to get to by train, but once you’re there, you can spend the whole day walking its medieval streets and taking in its many cultural and historic sites!

·        Zons: A little further out than other Düsseldorf day trips, Zons is a medieval town that is 1 hour away by public transport that still has its city walls, some of which can still be walked on, as can its ancient streets and side alleys.

Final things to know before visiting Düsseldorf for the Euros

At this point, we’ve just about covered everything you need to know about visiting Düsseldorf for the Euro 2024 – there are just a few bits of admin and quick tips we need to cover before you start planning your trip in earnest:

Weather in Düsseldorf

Sat towards the west of Germany, Düsseldorf is no stranger to good summer weather, with average July temperatures often reaching as high as 24 degrees. But, with that being said, there’s always the potential for heatwaves in Germany, so make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen to hand, just in case.


If the language barrier for your trip is at all a concern, the good news is that many locals in Düsseldorf are fluent English speakers. Of course, if you want to endear yourself to those living in this city, then the use of simple German phrases is widely encouraged:

·        Hallo (Hello)

·        Bitte (Please)

·        Tschüss (Bye!)

·        Danke (Thanks)

·        Entschuldigung (Excuse me)

·        Sprechen sie Englisch? (Do you speak English?)

·        Ich verstehe nicht (I don’t understand)


Tipping culture in Germany is far more prominent than in the UK, and it is expected at both bars and restaurants if you deem the service to be good. On top of this, bills tend to be rounded up as well after meals.

It’s also worth noting that, while credit and debit cards are used in Germany, many smaller venues prefer cash, so make sure you have some Euros to hand, just in case.

Hospitals in Düsseldorf

While the odds of you needing to visit a hospital during your stay in Düsseldorf is very low, if you or someone you know needs medical attention, then the following hospitals operate on a 24-hour basis:

·        Augusta-Krankenhaus: Located in the north of the city, relatively close to the stadium zone.

·        St. Vinzenz-Krankenhaus: Centrally based in Düsseldorf, this hospital will serve you well if you need help while exploring the city.

·        Paracelsus-Klinik Golzheim Dusseldorf: Another north hospital, this building is also based close to the stadium district.

Explore the other Euro 2024 host cities

And there you have it; our nifty guide to visiting Düsseldorf for Euro 2024. Of course, if you have plans to move between cities during the tournament to catch all the matches you want to see in person, then why not have a look at our other host location guides:

·        Berlin

·        Cologne

·        Dortmund

·        Frankfurt

·        Gelsenkirchen

·        Hamburg

·        Leipzig

·        Munich

·        Stuttgart

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