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Betway removes football transfer markets

17 Jun | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Betway removes football transfer markets

Betway will no longer offer transfer markets, with the emphasis on responsible gambling based on what happens on the pitch.

As the Premier League resumes after lockdown, Betway have made an important change to the markets that are offered on football worldwide.

From June 17, we will no longer offer any odds on the movement of players via ‘football transfer’ or ‘player’s next club’ markets.

Alan Alger, our Head of Corporate Communications, explains more about the decision.

Why have Betway stopped offering football transfer markets?

We think this is the right thing to do for many reasons.

First and foremost, we believe that betting on football should be about what happens on the pitch. The FA have strict rules on betting and we feel that offering odds on players to move to specific clubs highlights a grey area which has caused issues in the past. It is best removed as an option.

When there are hundreds of prices and markets offered on most games, this is part of the football betting experience that we are happy to see shut down.

Was this decision prompted by a particular case?

Absolutely not. This is based on a feeling that we’ve had for some time that betting responsibly should be about what happens on the pitch.

We also call on our competitors to join us in this self-imposed ban.

Are you removing these markets just because Betway have lost money?

That’s a fair question to ask, but it’s certainly not the case.

We show a profit on these markets, but it’s something we are willing to sacrifice to highlight just how important it is for people to enjoy their football betting based on how the game is played on the pitch rather than newspaper and TV rumours about players moving clubs.

What other changes are Betway making to their football markets?

We’re going to be heavily focused on offering special markets on players once transfers are confirmed.

So while we won’t be offering transfer markets, we will offer a number of markets on how a player will perform once they have joined a new club.

Again, this is based on our desire for customers to bet responsibly based on what happens on the pitch.

Visit Betway’s football betting page.