The 4 To Score prize went unclaimed for a sixth week in a row on Saturday.

Once again, it was the lower-mid table sides that came out of the traps the quickest with Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, Oldham and Barnet all netting first in their respective divisions.



Premier League:

Winning team: Bournemouth (selected by 4%)

Most popular pick: Tottenham (selected by 48%)


Winning team: Nottingham Forest (selected by 6%)

Most popular pick: Wolves (selected by 30%)

League One:

Winning team: Oldham (selected by 3%)

Most popular pick: Wigan (selected by 20%)

League Two:

Winning team: Barnet (selected by 2%)

Most popular pick: Luton (selected by 22%)

Only two players got three correct predictions out of four, with one let down in the Premier League after plumping for West Brom and the other missing out in League Two after backing table-topping Luton Town.

If one of those was you, tweet us @betway using the hashtag #4ToScore, with a screenshot of your selections, and we’ll cheer you up you with a £25 free bet as a consolation prize.

This week's game is already available to play here, while our writers - who picked three of the four games but not the right teams last time out - will be back with their top tips for each division on Thursday. 

Best of luck!