Among a passionate community comprising casual gamers, professional players and millions of Esports fans around the globe, the love for CS:GO is in no doubt. But, as with so many things in life, just because we love it, doesn’t mean that there aren’t things we’d like to change about it.

Anyone who’s played or watched the game for any period will have their own personal list of minor niggles, serious grievances and potential improvements. But what do the pros think?

Our latest video offers the opportunity to join Betway’s Rob4 as he asks a host of top players “What changes would you make to CS:GO?”

The CSGO betting odds on Valve listening to the pros would be very high!

How would EliGE improve the matchmaker system? Which maps are bottom of flusha’s list of favourites and which pistol really grinds Snax’s gears? Just hit play to find out.