New Zealand a great country to tour

New Zealand is the most beautiful country.

It's a country where you can just take in your surroundings, which means you can go out there and play with a relaxed attitude.

Your approach to the game can be low-key compared to when you're in the bright lights of playing in the UK.

Being so far away from the rest of the world does make communication back into London quite difficult, especially when you've got kids because you're missing bedtimes and other important parts of the day. It can be quite difficult from a family perspective.

But from a cricketing perspective you feel like you are completely out of touch with the rest of the world, which actually makes things easier.

And the wine is incredibly good – that’s the most important thing.

Planning for the World T20

The team came together at the last minute when we won the World T20 in 2010, but we still had players playing good stuff at good times.

I had a good tournament, Craig Kieswetter and Michael Lumb started off the innings well for us, and Ryan Sidebottom and Graeme Swann performed.

T20 is evolving so much, so it’s great that England and all the other countries have the next 12 months to plan for the 2020 tournament and be professional in their approach to the game.

Eoin Morgan is still young, only 33, so it makes sense that he leads this team.

Let him go and play until he’s 38, try and take the team to the next World Cup, and see if they can win it back-to-back. Why not?

It’s up to him to decide whether or not he feels like he’s contributing, and he obviously felt that the hundred he got against Afghanistan in the World Cup proved that he still is.

A low point for South Africa cricket

It’s difficult to beat India in India, but South Africa’s 3-0 defeat there in the recent Test series was a new low.

The way they’ve changed the dynamic of their coaching team, sacking Ottis Gibson, doesn’t seem to have worked – now what are they going to do?

Are they keeping the same coaching staff? Is Faf du Plessis going to continue as captain?

Mark Boucher is held in great stead here as coach of the Titans. He’s won trophy after trophy.

It’s staggering to think that they’ve got Jacques Kallis, Graeme Smith and Boucher in the country and don’t use them.

I think it’s an absolute catastrophe and an almighty waste of talent, brainpower and experience.

Why aren’t they using them? I’ve got no idea. Crazy.

Sitting on the fence for the Rugby World Cup final

My allegiance is completely up in the air on Saturday.

I’m in South Africa at the moment and they’re all saying to me: “Oh, we’ve got you on Saturday”, and I’m replying: “Guys, I lived in South Africa for 20 years and I will soon have lived in England for 20 years!”

I don’t like to sit on the fence, but I think I’m well justified this time.

The hype and excitement here is massive. I’ve got 30 people coming to my lodge on Saturday to watch the game. It’s just going to be a huge room full of Africans.

It’s crazy. The buzz, the excitement and the energy in South Africa is very, very real.

But I’m in a very fortunate position that whoever wins on Saturday, I’ll be mightily pleased.

Sport is a business and it has been a business for a very long time, so the patriotism isn’t stirred up inside me as much anymore.

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