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What’s the ‘Deal’ with Card Games around the World?

09 Nov | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
What’s the ‘Deal’ with Card Games around the World?

Using Google data, we analyse the sustained popularity of card games.

Card games have always been loved. Popular with soldiers in World War I, students in 2020 and used for high-stake betting games in casinos , they have lasted the test of time.

According to Google Trends data, searches increase annually during the Holiday season. But during 2020 card games have been taken to a new level of popularity, with searches rising by 112% between March and May this year.

The Card Game Popularity Contest

Our analysts have used Google search data to reveal the 10 most popular card games around the world, plus a prediction about which up-and-coming games will soon be as popular as the classics. 

The data proves the worldwide love for Blackjack, but also highlights the rise in popularity of games like Teen Patti, which is already established throughout countries such as India but, according to our research, will be played globally by 2025.

Card Games On Film

From fashion style to career choices, the arts have always been influential, and it appears that the release of Casino Royale has had a significant impact on the popularity of poker.

Soon after the film’s release, its popularity soared.