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REVEALED: These are the 8 worst festive mishaps you can make this Christmas

09 Dec | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
REVEALED: These are the 8 worst festive mishaps you can make this Christmas

With Christmas just weeks away, regifting a present has never been so shameful.

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Cooking Christmas dinner is a daunting task for most people, with timings, trimmings and gravy consistency all needing to be perfect on the big day. And while most people spend months meticulously organising, things don’t always go to plan – much to the dismay of festive-loving Brits. 

According to a new study carried out by Betway, over 1 in 6 (17.16%) found burning dinner as the worst Christmas mishap. The misfortune of getting caught regifting a present (10.05%) came in second place, while leaving a price on a present (8.26%) was the third worst thing you can do this festive season. Other awkward moments include kissing a colleague at the Christmas party (5.87%) and bringing up politics with family members (4.53%).

When it comes to Christmas shopping, the poll of 2010 participants also found that over a quarter of Brits (26.47%) opted to save their gift buying until one month before the big day, leaving them with four weeks to pack up their presents and put them under the tree. 16.32% of people were slightly more organised as they choose to do their shopping 2-3 months before Christmas, which placed second on the list. Three weeks before Christmas (11.94%) nabbed the third spot, while two weeks before (10.20%) came in fourth. Almost 1 in 10 (8.01%), meanwhile, prefer to leave their gift buying to the last minute, hitting the shops with just a week to go until Christmas Day. 

With pet lovers up and down the country, the survey also revealed how much the public are willing to spend on their four-legged friends at Christmas. It appears that Brits aren’t willing to splash the cash too much, with over 1 in 6 Brits forking out no more than £10 during the festive period. A budget of £26-£50 followed closely behind in second place, as some go all out for their furry friends, spending £76-100 which took the fifth and final spot. 

Which from the following is the worst Christmas mishap in your opinion? 

  1. Burning Christmas dinner 17.16%
  2. Regifting a present and being caught out 10.05%
  3. Leaving the price on a present 8.26%
  4. Kissing a colleague at the Christmas party 5.87%
  5. Bringing up politics with family members 4.53%
  6. Knocking a Christmas tree over 4.33%
  7. Running out of wrapping paper 4.08%
  8. Forgetting to send Christmas cards 3.38%

When do you typically do your Christmas shopping?

  1. 1 month before Christmas 26.47%
  2. 2-3 months before Christmas 16.32%
  3. 3 weeks before Christmas 11.94%
  4. 2 weeks before Christmas 10.20%
  5. 1 week before Christmas 8.01%
  6. 2-6 days before Christmas 6.22%
  7. I do not Christmas shop ever 5.77%
  8. 4-8 months before Christmas 4.13%
  9. Christmas Eve 2.29%
  10. Christmas day 1.64%
  11. After Christmas 1.39%

How much, if anything, would you spend on a pet this Christmas?

  1. £1-10  18.76%
  2. £11-25  15.12%
  3. £26-50. 11.39%
  4. £51-75. 6.42%
  5. £76-100. 4.93%