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Has gaming defeated Hollywood?

17 Apr | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Has gaming defeated Hollywood?

Hollywood was once king of the entertainment jungle, but now the gaming industry is starting to blur the lines between the silver screen and the screens we play games on at home.

For most people, Hollywood has always been the media monolith that epitomises modern entertainment. After all, it is the primary producer of big-budget spectacles powered by star turns and the latest visual effects.

But, over the last decade, a challenger has emerged to steal Hollywood’s entertainment crown in the form of the humble video game.

What was once dismissed as a pastime for nerds has exploded in popularity, with a more interactive format now connecting with mainstream audiences on an astonishing scale.

But why now? And should Hollywood be fearful of this young pretender pulling talent away from the big screen?

In the past, many actors have lent their image rights and voices to video game franchises, but usually as a stopgap between film roles. However, as budgets grow and audiences continue to spend more of their money on video games, could we see an influx of A-list stars dedicate more time to roles on the small screen as opposed to the silver one?

To answer these questions and more, we’ve compiled all the major stats around the rise of the video game and the famous faces featuring in them, to reveal the current balance of power between Hollywood and the gaming industry.

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