Remember when a British Army soldier became an overnight multi-millionaire after landing a world-record £13,213,838.68 jackpot playing online slots at Betway Casino?

To many, earning – or winning – even their first million is little short of a dream. However, for those on Forbes’ Rich List, it’s the billions that they’re chasing. And while the likes of Mark Zuckerberg took the leap from millionaire to billionaire in just one year, Britain’s own Lord Sugar took 44 years to achieve the feat.

Looking back at our multi-million pound slots winner got us thinking… just how long did it take the world’s billionaires to make their entry into the three-comma club?

Our latest infographic dives into the journeys of the world’s 100 richest individuals.

Who won big with their start up and made their first billion the fastest? And whose was the result of a lifetime of hard graft?



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