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Frightening Festivals

14 Oct | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
Frightening Festivals

Want to learn more about spooky events from around the world? Check out our guide to the most frightening festivals.

Is it Halloween every day in your house? Or are you just fascinated by everything weird and wonderful? Then boy, we at the Online Casino have a treat for you.  

Ahead of the annual spooky celebration, we’ve rounded up some of the most frightening, fantastical and fascinating spectacles from around the world. Want to know more about a New Year’s Eve parade that marches through the streets of Stonehaven in Scotland, while people whirl hot balls of fire around their heads? Of course, you do.  

Fancy learning about why people in Guatemala burn paper pinatas shaped like the devil on the 7th of December each year? We’ve got the details.  

Wondering why people dress up like scary goat men around Christmas and terrorise parade watchers? Well, we do too, but we’ve also got some info on the annual event that takes place in Austria, if you’re interested. 

Halloween isn’t the only time for monsters and masks. Many of these incredible events have been taking place for centuries with very few straying from tradition.  

From the haunting masks of the Busó to the ancient tradition of Famadihana in Madagascar, there’s a whole new world out there of incredible traditions and beliefs.  

So join us, confront your fears, and learn something new that you can share with your mates next time you’re at the pub.