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NFL Star Signs

15 Jan | news | BY Betway Insider | MIN READ TIME |
NFL Star Signs
Source: Alamy Stock Photo.

Expert Inbaal Honigman analyzed the star signs of the NFL’s best quarterbacks and revealed what they mean for each player on the field.

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Pat Mahomes – Virgo

Virgos are the organizers of the Zodiac; they are the planners and are neat and tidy. They like to do everything by the book so his preparation would be impeccable, his nutrition would be on point, and he will be ready in terms of the amount of hours he sleeps, he will be ready in terms of his body composition and will have a plan from the moment he showers that morning until he gets off.

He will be letting other people in on his plan and Virgos are not dependent on their moods or circumstances for their energy levels and they bring it themselves. They have unbelievable self-control and as an Earth sign, they have a good relationship with their body in the sense of they know what makes them feel good and function well. With a Virgo, he will be bringing his A-Game no matter the weather.

Lamar Jackson, Brock Purdy – Capricorn

Capricorn is also an Earth sign so they have a good relationship with their physical body but they are also very driven and find it crucial to win. They don’t believe in second place so when they get on the pitch they focus on the end result. Capricorns don’t break it down to individual moves, all they care about is whatever they do gets them winning. Also, January is Capricorn season and that means Capricorns are feeling well nourished, replenished, strong and focused because everything in the solar system works for them, and not against them. Capricorn is represented by the goat in the symbols of the star signs and because goats have antlers, that shows once again how no nonsense and focused they are.

Josh Allen – Gemini

Geminis are the social butterflies of the Zodiac and therefore in sporting situations, they’re the ones that make it easy for everybody else to play. Geminis are about people, not about moves. 

Geminis are an air sign which is the intellectual element, so they’ll be more about thinking things through and coming up with unusual ideas. Geminis are very original thinkers and even though Geminis don’t have an endless source of energy and they do need to rest, so their energy levels can be a bit unpredictable, but what makes them unique is in being very skilled problem solvers and working incredibly well as part of the team.

Jalen Hurts, Dak Prescott – Leo

Leo’s are the glory hunters. Leo’s not only need to be on the winning team, but they also need to have the highest numbers. Whether it’s the most touches or having the most accurate throws to contribute to a touchdown, they need to have the best stats and if possible, the best hair as well. Leo’s love to look good, to come across well and the interesting thing about Leo is that it is also important for them to make others look good. They’re not actually selfish, they like glory but they need it to be only theirs. Leo will be there to coach others towards greatness as well and to make others see and feel incredible and Leo will gather everyone around and say we are number one. They will gather everyone around and say their strategies are the best, their players are the smartest and we have the best campaigns. 

Joe Burrow – Sagittarius

Sagittarians are highly energetic, but they go on ebbs and flows. Sagittarius is a fire sign and fire signs can be undefeatable, until they need a nap. Sagittarians can also be a little bit chaotic, so they’re not aware that they need a break until they are actually asleep, like toddlers, and so a Sagittarius player will be a secret weapon because they can bring the drive and they can bring the fire out of nowhere. 

They could be five points down, 50 points down, they could be in front of a very extreme situation and everyone is despondent and the Sagittarius will still be going for it, as if they’ve just come back from a five star holiday.

But you can’t rely on it continuously, so Sagittarius is slightly unpredictable, but they’re also everybody’s favorite person because it’s such a Sagittarius is also the funniest. Sagittarius is the one that always wants to pay everyone’s round, so if they have a dip in energy, the others will rally around them and cover for them.

C.J. Stroud – Libra

Libra is a really interesting sign in terms of sports because Libra is about balance and equality, which makes Libra’s a very non competitive, non confrontational side. Libra is likely to be a very elegant player and is likely to bring a lot of excellence.

They are also likely to know the sport inside and out and be aware of all the rules and know if somebody else is bending the rules, but also a Libra will know where they can stretch the rules to work in their favor, and a Libra has to believe that their side is the best and then they’ll be able to give it their role.

But they’re also very forgiving and very accepting. A Libra would probably be amazing as a manager or a coach because they’ll be very understanding of everybody’s circumstances. But to me, on the actual pitch, their drive to win won’t be as strong as others, but they’re game will be more graceful and perfect than anybody else.

Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa – Pisces

Pisces is a water sign, and water signs are kind and loving.  Water signs or Pisces specifically will fight for the greater good. So, they want no glory for themselves at all, but they want for everyone on their side to be happy.

So, they’ll keep an eye on all the other players to make sure that everybody is in a position that benefits the whole team. Pisceans are the ultimate team players. The team effort is important to them, and a Pisces goes on to the pitch wanting to do their best as if they’re not in competition with anybody. 

They want to come off at the end of the game and go ‘I gave it everything I had and even if everything I had wasn’t like the absolute top all time best, I gave everything I had and I’m proud of what I did’.

So, Pisces is not usually the fastest or the strongest, but Pisces will be extremely consistent and adaptable.

Betway Insider

Betway Insider

The Insider is an editorial blog for Betway, one of the best betting sites, featuring sporting insight, intelligent comment and informed betting tips for football betting and all other major sports.

Betway Insider

Betway Insider

The Insider is an editorial blog for Betway, one of the best betting sites, featuring sporting insight, intelligent comment and informed betting tips for football betting and all other major sports.