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4 To Win: Betway customer wins twice in a month

03 Nov | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
4 To Win: Betway customer wins twice in a month

Kevin from South London scooped the £10k jackpot on 30 September before claiming the £1k daily prize pot a month later.

One lucky punter has become a two-time winner of 4 To Win, Betway’s free-to-play horse racing game where participants try to predict the winner of four selected races.

“I can’t quite believe I’ve won it twice within a month”, said Kevin, from South London who has been playing the game – along with 4 To Score – since 2017. Kevin won the £10k jackpot on 30 September and followed up by winning the daily £1k prize pot on 30 October. 

“Although I’ve come close in the past, having three winners in each game on a number of occasions, getting all four correct in 4 To Win twice in a month has really taken me by surprise.

“I’ve long been a racing fan and generally only bet small stakes on a Saturday for enjoyment. I also often bet on the horses that I’ve included in my 4 To Win, so that day where I won the £10K jackpot that included Astro King, the 20/1 winner of the Cambridgeshire, was definitely one of my better days as a punter!

“Interestingly, I studied for the form for all four races and fancied the other three winners, but I had two in the Cambridgeshire – the other being Haunted Dream. I’m glad I went for Astro King in the end as Haunted Dream winning would’ve given me nightmares had I included him and saw the other win!

“It was only on Monday last week that I thought about how I must have gone close in the 4 To Win last Sunday, as looking through the results I’d remembered seeing two of the short-priced horses winning at Aintree, which reminded me to look at the other two races, that took place in Ireland. 

“I’ll be honest and say I didn’t do any form studying, I just went for names of Jockey’s and Trainers that I liked in those two races, so I can’t claim to be a form guru all racing. You never really know how you’ve done as the tiebreaker could put you way off, but I knew it my mind I wasn’t far away…and I was certainly closer than anyone else each time!

“It’s been such a good month winning both of these games and I’m hoping it won’t be the last!”