How are you continuing to do your job despite working from home?

The club gave us a programme and my own physio also gave me some exercises to do, so I have a plan for the week. I usually do a gym session before running outside.

Then after that I have to do my father jobs, husband jobs. I'm lucky that I have kids so I can't really sleep really long – the time is normal for me.

What sort of work are you doing given we don’t know when the season will return?

It's not easy. I'm lucky to know that every day I need to train.

The conditioning trainer is in contact with us every day because we send him the runs we do outside.

So every day I send him something and we speak maybe every two days. He'll give us some information about schedules, or meetings, or what the trainers want. So we stay in contact quite often.

How are you keeping in contact with players and staff?

Like every club we have a group chat with the players and with the staff also.

It's like every group chat. Some people want to give information, some others want to make jokes, some others want to send crazy pics and videos, funny things.

For the moment I'm more about the information. I'm watching, I don't speak too much. I wait for my time to send some funny things.

How are you using this time to hone your skills?

I'm trying to stay professional, to keep the same routine: wake up, have the same breakfast as when I was training, do a few things with the family to stay awake and feel good after eating, and then I have to train.

I know that if you don't have this target in mind then you start to feel really lazy. You don't want to do anything, you don't feel the power. That's the biggest problem to avoid.

You have to always have a target. Only by doing that you can stay in a good mood and good shape.

What’s the thing you miss most about football?

The games.

The games give us the most emotion. With the people in the crowd, the emotion when you score, when you win a game - yeah, that's it.

We need to take the positives from this because we can do nothing about it.

We can’t be too frustrated or think about what we miss, because we can win from this situation.

How are you passing the time without any football to watch?

I am happy because I can spend time with my kids and see them growing up.

And I can do a few things that I have wanted to at home. If I want to change something around the house then I can do things that I didn't used to have time to do.

I watch Netflix but really only when I have nothing to do or there's a really, really good series.

Any TV shows/films/books you’d recommend?

I watch a lot of manga and anime. I'm trying to stay alert on which new anime is out and I watch a lot of things like that.

Have you discovered any new interests or hobbies since the football stopped?

For a few days we have been doing one big puzzle. I'm doing it with my wife and we're happy because I can't remember the last time we did this. We're really focused on it!

Have there been any positives that have come from the football stopping?

When I learned that this would be more than two weeks, two months, maybe more, I said we need to take the positives from this because we can do nothing about it.

We can’t be too frustrated or think about what we miss, because we can win from this situation.

Of course my wife and kids were happy because I am here every day and I can spend time with them.

Have you learned anything about yourself?

I have to say the first few days I was really scared to stay at home. All my life I was playing football every day. If I'm at home, I play football. If I don't play football I'm on vacation somewhere but not at home.

So first of all I was scared, but after a few days it was OK. It was nice. Every day was better than I thought. I'm not only a footballer, I have a lot of jobs.

What has the break made you realise you love most about football?

Just the routine. The routine is nice because you know what you need to do the next day, next week and next month also. I like that security.

You know you can prepare yourself, and that's a good thing. And you also have a target. You know where to go and what's going to happen next.