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The Big Club Survey: How we did it

01 Aug | BY Betway | MIN READ TIME |
The Big Club Survey: How we did it

The results are of our Big Club Survey are in. Here is how we collected the votes, and used them to rank every club to have ever played in the Premier League.

We surveyed over 3,500 football fans to find out what they think makes a big club.

The survey had 10 criteria that determine the size of a club, with fans asked to score them out of 10 in terms of importance.

We then took every club that has played in the Premier League and ranked them within each criteria.

Some of the categories were simple, like stadium size and total silverware. Some were more complicated. Here are the 10 criteria and, for the more complex ones, how we measured them.

  • Stadium size.
  • Match-going support (Stadium capacity divided by club’s average attendance last season).
  • Worldwide support (Total followers on Facebook and Twitter).
  • Transfer spend in the past five seasons.
  • Total seasons in the Premier League.
  • Seasons in the Premier League in the past five years.
  • Number of current international players.
  • European pedigree (a formula that included all European appearances, finals and trophies, putting more weight on the Champions League)
  • Total silverware.
  • Silverware in the past five years.

Each club earned points depending how highly they ranked in each of the criteria.

The team that ranked top received 20 points, and the team that ranked 20th scored one. Every team below 20th scored nothing.

Now for the (even more) complicated bit.

We used a formula so that the categories voted most important received more weight than those less important. Essentially, the formula was as follows:

Total points = Points in category x importance of category.

For example, Manchester United ranked first in total silverware, meaning they scored the maximum 20 points. Total silverware was voted the most important category, meaning it was worth 10.

Therefore, Man Utd scored 200 points for total silverware (20×10).

Aston Villa ranked seventh in total seasons in the Premier League, meaning they scored 14 points. The category was voted the fifth-most important, meaning it was worth six.

Therefore, Aston Villa scored 84 points for total seasons in the Premier League (14×6).

Adding up each club’s score in each category gave us their total score, and a definitive ranking of every club to have ever played in the Premier League, from the biggest to the smallest.

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